Bathtub replacement with shower: discover the cladding with shower walls

Bathtub replacement with shower
pvc shower wall panels

One of the most popular interior renovation choices in recent years is certainly that of replacing the bathtub with a shower, in which more and more people choose to give up the bathtub in the bathroom to replace it with something more practical and quick like a shower enclosure.

Bathtub replacement with shower: what it is

The amount of work involved in a renovation like this is important, but don’t be intimidated by the different things to do, there are teams of renovators who take care of just that, but if you want to proceed independently or follow the progress of the work, here are the highlights:


  • Removal. The removal of what we want to replace, such as the tub and the masonry cladding that surrounds it (if built-in). This is the phase in which the spaces are already starting to highlight, allowing us to have a clearer vision of what the clutter will be removed from the total surface of the bathroom.


  • Plant engineering. The beating heart of your new shower enclosure is born and evolves in this crucial phase in which each hydraulic and/or electrical element comes to life in its new location.


  • Installing the shower tray. It’s time to install the shower tray you have chosen! This will be the support base for all the installation of the shower enclosure that will follow. Whether you have chosen a stone-effect shower tray or one in pure white solid surface, will be the starting point for all your relaxing showers.


  • Laying the coverings. Previously, did the tiles come off when you removed the sanitary ware? No problem. In the phase of replacing the bathtub with a shower, an important part is also covered by the wall cladding. So what is the ideal solution to cover the walls? It is always a good idea to rely on an Italian manufacturer of shower enclosures quality and completely Made in Italy accessories, like Relax, which has thought of a solution practical and fast, as well as cheaper than the classic masonry cladding: shower walls. These are panels in PVC, solid surface or gel-coat coated resins and minerals specially designed to cover damaged walls or simply to change the look of your bathroom! Continue reading to find out more.


  • Installation of the shower enclosure. The great moment has arrived, the months of projects that you have left behind are about to take shape and you are ready to assemble your shower enclosure. Before doing so, however, take a minute to consult our list of authorised assistance centres, present throughout Italy, they will know how to assemble everything with speed and surgical precision. li>


  • Photo! The satisfaction of seeing a beautiful project take shape is indescribable, especially if it’s yours! Take a photo and tag us!
bathtub replacement

Wall cladding removal

Shower walls: for an optimal replacement of bathtub with shower

During renovations, especially when replacing a bathtub with a shower, it is common for the tiles that cover the bathroom to get damaged, to be removed on purpose or that they are not present in the lower part of the masonry, where the tub used to be.


The solutions ahead are two, very different from each other:


  • Do an expensive tiling job and completely cover the wall


  • Install solid and elegant ready-to-use shower walls, such as the Relax ones


But what exactly do shower walls consist of?

They are elements in PVC, solid surface or resins and minerals covered with a completely waterproof gel-coat that must be positioned behind the shower tray, close to the wall, covering it entirely. Shower walls are one of the most common and simplest solutions to use during the renovation phase, because unlike masonry cladding, they only need to be positioned and glued to the wall, without any kind of effort.


What is one of the most appreciated features of shower enclosures?

Certainly the possibility of cutting them to measure, based on the needs of each bathroom. They are, however, available in different formats and sizes.

Relax shower walls

Relax, the manufacturer of Made in Italy quality shower enclosures, offers two different shower wall solutions in its catalog to solve the problems associated with restructuring and replacing the bathtub with a shower.

Boiserie Lago

Wall in resins and minerals coated with gel-coat, a protective gel which, solidifying, protects the external surface of the boiserie. Available in 4 different colors, it is solid, robust and can be completely restored with a cloth if it gets dirty. It also proves to be the ideal solution for custom-sized situations: it is in fact possible to cut it on site at will, according to needs.

shower wall panel solid surface

Boiserie Concrete

Waterproof, light, with a refined style. The Concrete boiserie shower wall is ideal for completing the shower enclosure for those who have an eye particularly attentive to design and color composition. It is available in 4 different colors that recall the classic motifs and veins of the concrete.

shower wall panel bathtub replacement

Bathtub replacement with shower: which shower enclosure to choose?

Replacing a bathtub with a shower involves inserting a shower enclosure inside the bathroom, but how can you choose the one that best suits your needs? We have prepared a selection guide to help you choose, alternatively, carefully evaluate these 3 points:

  • Angle, in a niche or in the center of the wall: each shower cubicle has specific measurements and openings based on its positioning inside the bathroom.


  • Shower tray. There are different types of shower trays, the most common are: above the floor (the most common of all), flush with the floor (for a more chic solution) and recessed under the floor. Have you already taken a look at our selection of completely restorable Made in Italy shower trays? Remember that each covering on the shower tray shortens the latter by a few centimetres, so pay the utmost attention when entering the measurements!


  • Shower enclosure opening. Arrived at the moment of choice, choose a quality shower enclosure, certified and produced in Italy. Among the different openings that characterize the shower enclosures, then, choosing the one that best suits your needs is not a trivial matter. Let’s see them in detail below.
shower wall panel bathtub replacement
  • Walk-in: is the shower enclosure without the door. Composed only of a glass wall, supported by a stabilizer bar or by our brand new Oblique shelf. It is a practical and elegant solution that does not require great maintenance and cleaning.


  • Sliding: the most common shower stall. The sliding door adapts to almost any type of bathroom and is characterized by unparalleled practicality. Some Relax models also have a door release, to make cleaning more practical.


  • Hinged: elegant, fine, practical. The shower enclosure with hinged door stands out for the possibility of using doors with inward and outward opening, which facilitate the passage.


  • Pivot: the stage opening. The shower enclosures with pivot door have an opening with a pivot 18 cm from the wall: this adds further wall space for storing objects such as towels or bathrobes. Like the hinged door, it has inward and outward opening.


  • Folding: the least cumbersome opening. Thanks to the possibility of folding back on itself, the folding (or folding) door is the least bulky of all, the ideal choice for those with limited space in the bathroom.


  • Saloon: openness for all. The shower enclosure with saloon door stands out for the little space it takes up, but not only that, also for the possibility of opening and closing the doors internally or externally, according to the need.

All the choices made must be compared with the measurements actually present inside the bathroom. And when the measurements in the catalog are not suitable for the dimensions of my bathroom? Relax, a manufacturer of quality shower enclosures with proven experience, also supplies the catalog with the possibility of creating made-to-measure shower enclosures from scratch, providing assistance both in the measurement phase and in the product installation phase, for a complete service! For a bathtub with shower replacement, with TÜV SÜD certified products, also take a look at our shower enclosure page!

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