Dimitri Camolese: “Focus on functionality”

Dimitri Camolese: “Focus on functionality”
Dimitri Camolese interview Salone del mobile infobuild

Raffaella Capritti, Editorial Director of Infobuild.it e Infobuildenergia.it and Dimitri Camolese discuss innovation, sustainability and new products. Also, focus on functionality.

Relax is a company that is very attentive to both materials and technologies. What are the characteristics that make this reality truly unique?

Relax, in the production of its products, in particular of the shower enclosures, focuses a lot on finding solutions that are functional as well as aesthetic. We are very keen on producing quality products, which is why we certify them, with certifications from bodies such as the TÜV. A German institution that guarantees the use of the product over time, such as for example with the life cycle of opening and closing of the doors, on the durability of the materials, cleanability and safety.

So also along the life cycle of the product?

Yes, exactly, not only in the design, production and assembly phases, but also during use throughout the life of the product.

Another truly current theme is that of sustainability, which I think is also important for Relax. How is sustainability declined for you?

We use materials that are inherently sustainable, because glass and aluminum are 100% recyclable. We are careful in using sustainable materials also in the packaging and production phases.

Are you presenting any particular innovations at this show?

As a novelty, we present a shelf which has the particularity of stabilizing the crystal and the shower cubicle. It’s called Oblique, it’s a shelf that we have defined as a “stabiliser” because its purpose is not only to serve as a support for shower gel, shampoo and so on, but it has the (primary ed) function of supporting and giving stability to the crystal. Thus eliminating those unsightly bars found at the top of the glass. For a clean and essential design. Clean from a design point of view, and sometimes functional, because we often find ourselves having a window or something cluttered that doesn’t allow the transversal bar (supporting ed) to be inserted inside the shower cubicle.

What are the expectations for this Salone del Mobile after two years?

After two years the expectations are high, we see that the turnout seems to be there. It is now the first hour of the first day, but expectations are good, certainly good.

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