Mansard style

The bathroom in the mansard is an extra opportunity to enhance your home especially if you have a sloping roof with exposed beams. The warm and intimate effect is assured. And if natural lighting is scarce, you can find excellent artificial solutions. The important thing is to rely on those who guarantee precision and tailor-made solutions.

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The mansard style bathroom takes advantage of the light from above.

A mansard is a habitable, in which the windows placed directly between the tiles prevail. The natural lighting, which descends directly from the ceiling, creates plays of light and shadow that embellish the environment and must be enhanced by the choice of furniture.

Bright taps for light games.

Often in the mansard, warm and natural colours are preferred, which lend themselves to many variations of light, depending on the external weather conditions and the hours of the day. To enhance them, insert some shiny details such as taps or other accessories.

Mansard bathroom with wood and exposed beams.

The mansard rooms usually have a sloping ceiling, under which there is living space. Many bathrooms in the mansard thus adopt wood and exposed beams as characteristic elements. And in this way they become environments that give value to the house, comfortable and welcoming places.

Bespoke shower cabins in the mansard.

What’s the angle of your mansard? A functional and beautiful environment to live needs suitable solutions, in this case often tailor-made. With Relax you can optimize the spaces according to your needs to create a perfect synergy between practicality and elegance.

Mansard bathrooms with artificial light.

In the absence of natural light, artificial lighting is needed that can highlight the surrounding elements and textures, combining the colors of the furniture. In the image with Puro SC2 by Relax, see how to enhance a niche in the mansard with a shower cabin in which the elements are in perfect harmony with each other, including lighting.