Cover M, the shower enclosure without profiles

Cover M, the shower enclosure without profiles
Cover box doccia in nicchia senza profili

These days shower enclosures without profiles characterized by a typically minimal design are gaining ground. The advantage of this type of shower enclosure is to have different details and elements perfectly integrated within the cabins themselves and to have great functionality at the same time. We are therefore talking about designer shower enclosures that are substantially linear and equipped with materials of extreme quality. The advantages of shower enclosures without profiles :

  1. Hinges and handle are directly integrated into the door for an all-glass effect of great beauty
  2. They are easier to clean
  3. The all-glass effect allows the shower enclosure to “disappear” and increase the perception of space, especially in small bathrooms

Relax therefore proposes Cover M, a shower enclosure without profiles of great refinement.

Cover box doccia in nicchia

Cover M, in addition to being appreciated as an all-glass shower enclosure, has a very special hinge, which has various advantages:

  1. Equipped with a lifting system : when you open the door of the shower enclosure, the hinge is lifted. In this way, the lower gasket, mounted in the glass to prevent water from escaping, is protected from wear and excellent water resistance over time is guaranteed.
  2. Mounted flush with the glass . In this way, cleaning is quick and easy because the fastening elements (screws and studs) remain inside the hinge itself.
  3. It has a plastic lid that can be customized in color . With a simple movement of the hands, in fact, it is possible to replace it to combine it with the other elements present in the bathroom, such as a two-color faucet, a piece of furniture or the shower tray. In particular, each hinge comes standard with 3 colors: white, black and chrome. It is then possible to further customize it with other colors such as the steel finish, bronze or gold.
Cerniere box doccia intercambiabili nel colore

The same customization possibility also applies to the handle. Cover M is available in various versions depending on the needs of the consumer. The corner shower enclosure can be either with 2 opening doors or with a door and a fixed side. In the first case, the wide opening makes it functional even for people with reduced mobility according to the dictates of the shower enclosure with an inclusive design or in small bathrooms.

Cover box doccia ad angolo con doppia porta senza profili

In the second case, however, we have a conformation that adapts to larger and more comfortable bathrooms.

Cover box doccia ad angolo senza profili

In this case, a possible variant is also that of the fixed wall which can be used alone as a walk-in shower enclosure . The niche shower box , on the other hand, can be made with the door only or with a fixed part combined with the door.

Vista aerea di Cover box doccia in nicchia senza profili

Cover M is supplied with 8mm glass with anti-limescale treatment already included as standard . It is a special treatment based on nanotechnology that guarantees excellent durability over time and at the same time a smooth surface for a better and faster cleaning of the glass. Finally, it is necessary to highlight how the lack of the profile, if on the one hand it gives the maximum aesthetic cleanliness, on the other it involves the lack of adjustment if the wall is not perpendicular. As a result, Cover M is sold as a bespoke shower enclosure . The tempered safety glass, which characterizes this shower enclosure, is also supplied to the millimeter. It is therefore essential to carefully check the walls already in the pre-order phase of the shower enclosure, as well as a state-of-the-art assembly. Relax advises to rely on its official assistance centers, highly qualified personnel who are able to operate with great professionalism and competence. R & amp; D Relax design. Made in Italy. Certified quality Tuv Sud .