70×90 shower enclosure? 3 things to know

70×90 shower enclosure? 3 things to know
70x90 corner shower enclosure with smart a+a double sliding door

What are the aspects to consider when choosing a 70×90 shower enclosure? Is it true that there are shower cubicles that “suit themselves” better than others to this precise dimension? Let’s find out together!

When you visit a bathroom furniture store, you seem to enter a paradise of colours: floors and coverings of all kinds, taps and fittings in every color and accessories with an ever more minimal design.


Often tray and shower cubicle seem to occupy the last places in this show and, especially when spaces are limited, the choice seems confined to: “70×90 shower cubicle or 80×80 shower enclosure?”
By now tired and exhausted, after having examined dozens of coverings and as many sanitary fixtures with accessories, the customers answer the consultant: “Do it yourself … what fits you best!”


In fact they are very similar dimensions (same perimeter, almost equivalent area) but absolutely different in the experience of use. We explain why:

Layout issues

Especially when it comes to replacing the bathtub, a 70×90 shower box seems the most suitable; the 70 cm depth coincides perfectly with that of a standard 70×170 bathtub in use until a few years ago. Its positioning is therefore more immediate, perhaps combined with a towel holder column to make better use of the space. The 70×90 shower cubicle often solves a new arrangement in narrow and long bathrooms, halfway between the sink and the bathroom fixtures, as an element of “detachment” between the 2 environments.

freestanding shower enclosure 70x90 plan from above

Long and narrow bathroom with 70×90 shower cubicle

Dimensions matter in the 70×90 shower enclosure

Even if it doesn’t seem like it, and not everyone will be convinced, the 70×90 shower cubicle offers much more generous dimensions than it seems. For this model, in fact, the position of the shower head or sliding rail is obligatory on the larger 90 cm side; during its use the user is therefore led to always position himself facing the water supply because the compressive volume of the elbows of an average person can even reach 65/70 cm. Furthermore, it is very frequent that the useful depth available is decreased both for the overlap of the cladding on the shower tray by at least 1 cm and by another 2 cm for the assembly of the shower cubicle, leaving 66/67 cm available for the user .

70×90 shower enclosure: the choice of the ideal shower enclosure

The third and final precaution to take into consideration is the choice of the model. There are, in fact, shower enclosure models that adapt better than others to the 70×90 dimensions, with specific conformations that improve the user experience. The choice of models involves an assessment of all the elements that could interfere with the opening: bathroom fixtures or front walls too close; the shower head oriented towards the swing opening or the total absence of a containment edge.

shower enclosure openings 70x90 examples in plan

Different types of entrance

Sliding door opening

The 70×90 shower enclosure par excellence is the sliding one, perfect whether it is a corner or a center wall. A frame guarantees its stability, without the aid of stabilizer bars, and its tightness even in the event of momentary obstruction of the discharge.


Our choice is Smart A+A, a practical shower box, Made in Italy, with certified quality, equipped with important features such as a double sliding door and a containing lower profile, capable of containing the ‘waterfall.

70x90 corner shower enclosure with double sliding door

Folding door opening

There are also others, however, the 70×90 shower enclosures that lend themselves well to the purpose. Among all, the shower enclosures with folding door remain faithful allies of the closed spaces with reduced dimensions, thanks to the possibility of closing the door completely by exploiting all the available entrance space.


In this case, the 70×90 shower enclosure we recommend is Lyra PS+F, a quality shower enclosure, characterized by the handle, integrated directly into the profile, which, running along the entire height of the glass, allows for a firmer grip and therefore greater greater grip.

70x90 corner shower enclosure with folding opening

Saloon opening

Even the shower enclosure with saloon door is one of the ideal solutions for a 70×90 shower enclosure. Equipped with two doors, which can be opened externally and externally, they are among the most sought after for the measures described. The possibility of opening outwards makes it an easy-to-clean and practical shower cubicle.


Smart B2+F is the practical shower enclosure, perfect in the 70×90 shower enclosure sizes. Available in different colours, both for profiles and glass, it is a quality shower enclosure, completely produced in Italy.

70x90 corner shower enclosure with saloon door

Hinged door opening

Lastly, the 70×90 shower enclosure with hinged opening lends itself to many different situations, especially if equipped with internal and external opening, such as the minimal Wall 6A+AB shower enclosure. An elegant solution, equipped with an upper support arm and complete absence of profiles, a solution that makes it light and easily adaptable to any context.

70x90 corner shower enclosure with hinged opening


When choosing the shower enclosure, there are many and different things to take into consideration. A 70×90 shower enclosure is distinguished by the asymmetry of the two sizes, an interesting situation that lends itself to very different openings and ways of understanding the shower enclosure. Do you want to try to configure your shower cabin? You can do it with our configurator! Relax has been producing TÜV SUD certified quality shower enclosures for almost 20 years, find out more here.

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