Walk-in: the open shower enclosure without limits

Walk-in: the open shower enclosure without limits
Walk-in shower enclosure Wall A with Frame frame

What is walk-in?

The walk-in is an open shower space. It differs from a traditional shower enclosure by the lack of a door. In this case we will talk about a fixed glass wall with support arm.

But what advantages does it have?

  1. Minimal design
  2. Plenty of space
  3. Quick cleaning
  4. Customization of glass and profiles

The current types of walk-ins

A glass wall supported and fixed with stabilizing bars to the wall on the opposite side.

Center wall or in niche.
In the center of the wall, a large glass plate is fixed parallel to the selected wall, thus leaving two distinct entrances. In the niche the operation is the same, leaving two separate entrances or only one, as needed. In the first situation, 2 support bars will be needed to give stability, in the second only 1.

Out of measure solutions

To date, completely customized walk-ins can be created, capable of satisfying various requests, even the most difficult. Relax walk-ins are designed and built to guarantee users total quality.

The limits of the walk-in shower

Although simplicity is still the reason for its success, there are 4 situations for this type of shower enclosure that have not found a solution.

1. The water leaking
The main concern for those who have to make a shower without a door is the possibility of water leaking from the cabin while washing. The problem can be solved if we can apply two simple precautions: with the creation of a glass wall of the correct size, capable of blocking water drops and making sure to position the showerhead in the farthest point from the opening of our walk-in.

2. The presence of a window in the wall
A very common situation is the presence of a window in the shower area. The problem in this case can arise with the fixing of the support bar, which is normally fixed perpendicular to the glass. In this situation it is necessary to use variable angle support bars. However, the contraindications are of 2 types:

  1. If I have to fix the support bar externally to the shower tray, I lose the specific aesthetic cleanliness of the walk-in by having the bar visible. The problem remains even more evident if the window is large
  2. If, on the other hand, the bar is hooked inside, it can be too close to the shower head, creating a disturbance that is not only visual but also practical.

3. The presence of an attic
Another aspect concerns the placement of the walk-in in the attic, in bathrooms with a sloping roof, or in conjunction with walls. The classic solutions involve the use, in addition to the support bar, which varies according to the angle required, of 2 other possible tools: the vertical bar and the clamp. Not always ideal solutions, as they require great precision to be assembled.

4. Aesthetics
The great scenic nature of a walk-in shower enclosure can be interrupted by a support bar, a presence not always welcome, capable of stealing the show from the large glass wall.

Relax revolutionizes the walk-in with two patents

Aware of the limitations of the walk-in, Relax has completely revisited this model of shower enclosure. The result is two patents and many innovations to improve its functionality.

Oblique shelf (functional patent)
The Oblique shelf has the important objective of giving stability to the glass wall, making the support arm obsolete. The result is an innovative product, which gives unparalleled aesthetic cleanliness.

Without the support bar, critical situations are resolved definitively. Even in the presence of a high ceiling or plasterboard, the Oblique shelf, fixed to the wall, makes the glass fixed and stable.

In the case of a small bathroom: in this case the possibility that the support bar is too close to the shower head can create aesthetic and functional problems, which can be solved with Oblique. Of fundamental importance for Oblique is its adjustment:

  • It gives the possibility to manage the wall that is not perpendicular, a very common situation.
  • It adapts very easily to the glass, once it has been adjusted to the profile fixed to the wall.

Bobox (aesthetic patent)
The Bobox project aims to combine design, technology and innovation, covered by an ornamental patent. But what makes Bobox a unique product of its kind?
Relax’s aesthetic and technological research has successfully faced the challenge of bending 8mm glass to create a shower enclosure with a refined design. From an aesthetic point of view, the sinuous curves of the glass are unique and refined, while functionally, they allow the walk-in to limit the escape of water.

Starting from a walk-in wall, Bobox can be updated by adding various elements to evolve into a corner shower cubicle with door. The variety of sizes and finishes provided by Bobox give life to many solutions of use. It can also be used outdoors, perhaps by the pool, or as a partition between one shower and another in a fitness center. Bobox’s curved glass can therefore satisfy many design needs.

Relax innovations for walk-in

The bathroom has recently taken on an increasingly important role within the home, which is why Relax continually renews and innovates. In particular, 3 fundamental elements have caught our attention:


It has been designed to allow the insertion of the glass by pressure, without the need to use screws or silicone for its fixing. Thanks to this innovation, an increasingly simple cleaning and a minimal design are guaranteed.

Support bar.

Characterized by the absolute stylistic coherence with the proposed showers, they contain the latest technological discoveries. The Popeye support bar, for example, in addition to acting as a shower head, also guarantees the stability of the glass.


Screen printing is the maximum expression of personalization of a shower enclosure, capable of totally changing the appearance of a crystal. However, the world of screen printing is quite uniform. The search for continuous innovation in Relax has led to various types of screen printing proposals, capable of enhancing shapes, lights and colors within the bathroom.

What improvements should we make?

The continuous search for new solutions for a shower environment that is beautiful to live in but at the same time practical and functional has led to the creation of new solutions to improve the traditional walk-in.

Such as the possibility for those who have purchased a walk-in to add a door, even later. Operation that allows to eliminate the problem of water leaking as well as to ensure greater warmth thanks to the steam that remains inside the shower space, a typical situation for a small bathroom.

If you want to intervene with a less radical solution, you can instead add a mobile or fixed splash guard, quickly and easily without requiring the intervention of qualified personnel.

If, on the other hand, we want to embellish our walk-in, it is possible to add Frame. It is an aluminum profile that changes the aesthetics of the product, positioned on the edge of the glass. This aesthetic element, which is mounted under pressure without having to resort to silicones or glues.

A different type is that of the walk-in without profile. In this case, glass is used with hinges fixed directly to the wall. Another feature of these hinges is that they can be customized in color. The upper part of the hinges in fact has a cover that can be replaced with different colors with a simple movement of the hands. These particular hinges are fixed flush with the glass to make cleaning the internal crystal quick and easy.

The right shower trays

Relax offers a catalog of shower trays in different materials and textures, capable of enhancing the simple and delicate shapes of a walk-in shower enclosure, composed solely of the beauty of glass. There are two proposals that differ in the material used: mineral resins and gel-coat with stone effect and solid surface, with a smooth and white surface. They can be positioned both flush with the floor and in support.

These are shower trays with antibacterial materials, which can be restored in case they are scratched or damaged, resistant to thermal changes and UV rays. They are also made to measure up to dimensions of 250cm.