Axia, the transparent shower enclosure

Axia, the transparent shower enclosure
Axia transparent shower enclosure

The presence of visible mechanical elements designates the Axia collection as the transparent shower enclosure. Let’s discover its secrets 👇🏻

Axia, the different sliding shower enclosure

Axia is the collection of transparent shower enclosures, with sliding door, which stands out for its refinement. The aesthetic research behind the Axia family is based on the mechanical functioning of the upper sliding system. The intrinsic beauty of the sliding of the bearings, the delicacy with which the door closes and the ease of sliding of the same are an integral part of a tested product, which, in all its beauty, shows itself and stands out in the transparency of the glass .

Axia bearing detail

Sliding system: the beauty of transparency

The transparent shower enclosure consists of only two elements: glass and aluminium. Few and essential materials that contribute to the functioning of a shower cubicle which, in its simplicity, proves to be solid, elegant and certified by one of the most authoritative bodies ever: TÜV SÜD. The precision and detail of the rolling of the two visible bearings of the sliding door accompany the eyes and the door itself towards the end stop on the fixed glass. For the transparent shower cubicle, revealing yourself and letting yourself be admired in all the colors that make it up: as many as 5 for the aluminum and as many for the glass, is essential, allowing you to create unique and irresistible combinations.

Axia transparent upper part shower enclosure

The elegance and safety of the soft-close

Axia integrates (as an option) among the possible solutions, also a slow closing system of the door when closing. A feast for the eyes and for the safety of those who are about to close the door. The system used for this particular type of closure acts in complete autonomy as we open and close the sliding door. Thus preventing unpleasant breakage of the glass in case of accidental closure or with particular force. The beauty of Axia, which plays on the transparency of the glass to show its mechanical nature, is also found in the soft-close system. The latter is thus revealed without particular covers, allowing us to admire its functioning.

Axia soft-close detail

The mechanicalness of the industrial style

The Axia collection stands out for its complete vision of the functioning of a sliding shower enclosure. The presence of bearings and aluminum bars, clearly visible, is what differentiates Axia from any other kind of shower enclosure. Both elements animate the transparency of the glass and color it. These elements, combined, customizable in the color of the shower enclosure, allow you to obtain a unique transparent shower enclosure.


The industrial style involves the choice of a few essential pieces, showing their secrets and the solutions that make them up. The industrial-style shower enclosures are united by clean geometries, which highlight the structural and non-structural elements. Very linear and precise in their shapes, they rise without hiding anything, with the beauty of the material element that embellishes the content. The industrial style therefore loudly recalls the presence of objects which, like a transparent shower enclosure, are made up of physical and mechanical elements. The latter, directly visible, enhance the beauty of the technical components and internal movements.

Axia sliding system detail

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