Oblique, shelf that supports the shower enclosure

Oblique, shelf that supports the shower enclosure
Oblique mensola che supporta il box doccia

Oblique is much more than a shelf: it is a patented product that combines functionality and aesthetics. Refined, and embellished, in the different finishes that characterize it, Oblique is an absolute novelty in the world of the bathroom.

Unique design

When we talk about “unique design”, we focus on what is really important when we talk about design objects: simplicity and usability. Oblique, in its unmistakable forms manages, with absolute mastery, to be an object of furniture and everyday use. The innate elegance of an object sculpted to be functional and beautiful at the same time, never tires and will never tire. When the shape finds a perfect harmony with the materials that compose it, the result is an ode to the beauty and the Italian spirit of a product created with skill.

Oblique mensola dal design unico

Design: G. Diana

Functional solution

Oblique is a functional solution because its primary objective is to innovate the bathroom world, and it succeeds, it succeeds splendidly.

A shelf, which in its simplicity supports a shower enclosure, without the need for a top support bar, is pure poetry for designers and retailers. Oblique is the shelf that therefore allows you to insert the shower enclosure in environments with windows or other difficult situations inside the bathroom. It is inserted into the wall on one side, into the glass (pre-drilled) on the other and is fixed very simply.

The result is a functional product, which combines the active support to the shower box, which is kept in a stable position, with the practicality of a shelf inside the shower itself.

mensola funzionale

Oblique shelf.


The Oblique collection includes several elements, all of which can be combined together. From Oblique P, the glass outdoor towel rail, to Oblique M, the matching ornamental shelf. Composing the bathroom with pendant elements is no longer a problem.

Componibile con altri elementi

Modularity of 3 different shelves.

Discover its features

Discover the different facets of Oblique, the shelf that completely redesigns the look of the bathroom.

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