Flowers in the bathroom, ideas on how to decorate

Flowers in the bathroom, ideas on how to decorate
flowers inside the vases in home decoration

In this article, Relax intends to talk about decor, not just using flowers as beautiful decorative elements. Flowers and plants are characteristic elements of the furniture, especially the flowers in the bathroom. The flowers are beautiful and give any room a note of freshness and perfume. Indeed, it is a good thing to decorate with flowers due to the importance of the olfactory sensations of each individual environment.

Why put flowers all over the house even in the bathroom?

Anyone who thinks it’s better to avoid flowers at home is wrong, flowers bring many benefits. Flowering plants in the bedroom help you rest better, flowers in the bathroom are an extra touch of perfume. Bringing a little nature into the house will make us feel good.

How to choose the best flowers and how to recycle old tools for home flowers?

At the florist there are many ready-made solutions but it is more creative and stimulating to create your own compositions. Our advice is to use old objects and give them new life as containers for our flowers. Even a pot filled with flowers can become an excellent piece of furniture, or a jug or an old teapot or old bottles. It’s time to retrieve these items from the storage rooms and fill them with flowers. In this way you can give each room great originality and elegance. Flowers create emotions inside a house, in every corner and in every environment. They immediately give any room a touch of elegance and fragrance.

How to keep potted flowers beautiful and healthy for as long as possible

Here are Relax’s suggestions.


  • Buy and pick the flowers still closed in bud
  • Fill the containers with water at room temperature
  • Cut the stem of the flowers diagonally
  • Remove all the leaves that remain below the water level in the vase or container.
flowers pink decorative flowers inside the bathroom

Potted orchid.

Where and how to place flowers in the house?

The position of the flowers depends on the other furnishing elements. Place the flowers near a light source and in that area where we want to draw attention. Flowers in the bathroom between soaps, perfumes and candles give beauty and personality: two essential elements in a home. Choose the color of the flowers based on the colors of the environment.

Flowers in the kitchen

In the kitchen you can give a breath of freshness with flowers. You can use small or large containers depending on the position. For example, above the fridge, on the windowsill, on the open wall units or on the shelves. In the kitchen, country compositions are recommended.

Flowers in the bedroom

If you want to give a touch of novelty to the bedroom without changing the decor, you can resort to flowers. Flowers can in fact give a touch of new joy to the bedroom. You can create a station of red roses on the bedside table or a bouquet of flowers where the beauty routine is usually carried out. Alternatively place a floral arrangement on the bench at the foot of the bed. The Relax suggestion is to collect the roses with a silver ribbon alongside colored flower petals.

flowers bouquet  in the bedroom

Flowers in the bedroom.

Flowers in the living room

In the living room you can make floral compositions gathered with large ribbons with a few sprigs of thyme to perfume the house. If the living room is elegant, Relax recommends decorating it with roses in shades of white or pink combined with the soft light of candles.

Roses at home

Roses are perfect for decorating the house. The Rose in any color is an elegant and refined flower and guarantees a very particular style in any corner where it is placed.

Flowers in the bathroom

Spray perfumers, electric diffusers and scented plates have been on sale for the bathroom for some time, but the bathroom and laundry with these technological products will never have the good fresh and clean scent that only flowers can give. Lavender is very suitable for laundry which can give a touch of color and freshness to the whole environment. If possible, focus on the Lavender of Provence which has very beautiful and fragrant flowers to be placed near the window.

Hydrangeas in the bathroom are refined and romantic, to be arranged in crystal vases or in elongated bottles. For a more cheerful and sparkling bathroom you can use small tin buckets or terracotta vases. Sunflowers are perfect for summer. If you have a green thumb, orchids are very suitable for the bathroom.

yellow decorative bathroom flowers

Flowers in the bathroom.

The orchids in the bathroom

The bathroom is enlivened by the exposure of the Orchids. For a nice furnishing solution you can use a small wooden staircase. The steps are the ideal base on which to place the pots with orchids. These stairs can be placed either near the window or in an area that is not used much, but which will become a fascinating attraction thanks to the Orchids.

Flowers in the bathroom or candles?

Today flowering plants are trendy but above all they have the great advantage of purifying the air. In the bathroom, plants also absorb moisture. Candles are valid for decorating the bathroom but are especially useful for eliminating bad smells. Relax’s advice is to mix flowering plants and candles. For the topic which plants are more suitable in the bathroom, we refer you to our two dedicated articles.

Hanging planters or ceiling plants in the bathroom?

Recently, to make home bathrooms more natural, suspended planters and ceiling plants have become popular, especially if you live in a city apartment. Hanging planters do not take up any floor space, but can be hung on the wall. The same thing can be done with flowering plants on the ceiling, which help to create a garden in the bathroom at home. The most suitable flowers in terms of size, structure, and growth to be inserted in suspended planters are:


  • Petunias
  • Begonias
  • Ferns
  • Daisies
  • Geraniums
  • Ivy
  • Lavender
ceiling hanging planter with red flowers

Verticality of suspended flowers.

Flowers in the bathroom: the charm and elegance of aquatic flowers

Aquatic plants and flowers are real furnishing accessories, they are suitable for the living room and bedroom but are particularly recommended for the bathroom. Water flowers have a spectacular scenic effect. Tulips and hyacinths can be transplanted into totally transparent pots where the bulbs are visible and where only a little water is needed at root level. To grow tulips and hyacinths, a solution of water and liquid fertilizer will be sufficient.

Aquatic plants

Those who love small aquatic shrubs can resort to hydroponics, which is able to grow green “saplings”, where the roots are visible in transparent pots. Their stem and foliage are particularly beautiful and decorative. Alternatively, aquatic plants can be used in cup-shaped vases, or teapots or tureens where they live very well, creating an ideal, fascinating and above all very lively decor.

The vertical garden

The vertical garden is an innovative and completely “Green” solution. The vertical garden is all the rage and can be installed in any room of the house. It is a wall where soil is placed and where various flowers or seedlings are sown. The flowery wall creates a unique and inimitable effect, it is also a suitable proposal for small apartments. The Vertical Garden is very decorative and helps to furnish the rooms where it is placed well. The Vertical Garden is on the market in modular solutions that are perfectly installed near a window or in any room where there is sufficient artificial lighting to grow flowers and plants

indoor vertical garden

The vertical garden lights up the room.


What we have indicated to you are just some of the many solutions that flowers can give us to make the house more elegant, more beautiful and more fragrant. In fact, flowers bring a touch of color and joy into the home that make the rooms more lively and sparkling. All it takes is a little imagination.

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