Beach house style

A “beach house” style bathroom gives vitality and makes you feel on holiday even in the city. It is designed to be practical and comfortable even in small environments with space-saving and aesthetic solutions easy to replicate. Let’s see together how.

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The “beach house” style prefers simple furnishings

The charm of the beach house, with its simple and natural furnishings, light colours and carefree, enchants everyone. Inside, the bathroom is an oasis of peace and serenity where to get rid of all the salt accumulated on the beach. Not to miss? Choose a shower enclosure to rejuvenate and revive.

Bathtub or shower cabin for the beach house?

We have no doubt: at the sea, the comfort and practicality of a shower cabin prevail over the tub. The speed of use that distinguishes the shower box becomes decisive during a holiday.

The colors of the sea bath: palette of blue

The blue in all its shades defines the colors of the house to the sea and therefore also of the bathroom. But if you combine blue with black, the result favors a relaxed climate as well as being able, thanks to this combination, to enhance with elegance the spaces, whatever they are.

Baths of light: the precautions to remember.

A large and bright environment, dedicated to relaxation and practicality, is enhanced by generous sized windows, which allow as much natural light as possible to enter. Not at all hours, however, the sun can be pleasant. A shower enclosure with semi-transparent glass can then be the solution.

Bathrooms for small sea houses. You can.

House by the sea often means place of passage, with reduced size. Even if you have a small bathroom you can organize it to wash and regenerate in total comfort. In these cases, a shower enclosure with double sliding door is the ideal space-saving solution, such as Flat A+A.