Custom shower enclosure

Custom shower enclosure
Custom Relax shower enclosure Cover

The made-to-measure shower enclosure is a wide and varied material. We think that a short guide could be useful to orient yourself in the most common situations in which it is necessary to resort to a custom-made shower enclosure. Since it cannot be exhaustive, Relax is at your disposal to advise you, with its expertise, on the most suitable solution for your bathroom without sacrificing quality and design.

Custom height shower enclosure

From a production point of view, we have no limitations in the height of a shower enclosure. However, to ensure the stability of the shower enclosure and the safety of those who use it, we recommend that you respect the following heights:

• glass 4 mm ⇒ maximum recommended height 200 cm

• glass 6 mm ⇒ maximum recommended height 220 cm

• glass 8 mm ⇒ maximum recommended height 250 cm

Shower enclosure made to measure in width or depth

In principle, there are no length or depth limits in the construction of the shower enclosure. In fact, it is sufficient to combine a door with a fixed in-line wall in order to have the necessary size. While the door has limitations in the maximum dimensions, which vary according to the type of opening (sliding, hinged, pivoting or saloon). The fixed wall can vary in size without particular limitations. In this case, it is important to use the correct support bar to give stability to the shower enclosure.

Presence of windows in the shower compartment

Some types of shower enclosures (for example walk-in) require, for their stability, the assembly of a stabilizer bar. Usually, the proposed support bar is the horizontal one (perpendicular to the wall). However, if due to the presence of a window it prevents its positioning, Relax solves the problem by proposing the following types of support as an alternative: Oblique shelf, 45 ° bar, vertical ceiling bar or a clamp to be used both on the wall and on the ceiling if the height of the glass allows it.

Esempi di soluzioni critiche box doccia con finestra
Esempi di soluzioni critiche con finestra
mensola oblique per soluzioni su misura

Shaped shower enclosure for sloping roof


The walk-in is the simplest solution to adopt. In fact, great planning is not required but only a correct measurement. However, there is the possibility of making a 2 cm adjustment if the wall is not perpendicular thanks to the profile fixed to the wall. The stability is guaranteed by the support bar , which can be horizontal, vertical, at 45 ° or replaced by a clamp if you need to fix it on the sloping roof (see above).

Esempio di cabina doccia walk-in con barra

Corner shower enclosure

If you need to install a box shower corner , we can use a model with hinged opening or sliding . Between the two hypotheses, the shower enclosure with hinged opening is usually preferred. However, let’s see the detail: a) shower enclosure with hinged opening : In this case, shaping can be done both in the door ( A ) and in the fixed side ( B ). It is a type of work that is not particularly demanding.

Esempio di cabina doccia ad angolo su misura

b) shower cabin with sliding opening: even with the sliding opening, the shaping can be done both on the side of the door and on the fixed side. If the shaping is done on the fixed side there are no problems (A). In the event that the sliding part is located on the attic (B), it will be necessary to take into account the opening dimensions of the sliding door and the sliding track.

Cabina doccia ad angolo su misura con porta scorrevole

Shower enclosure in niche

Compared to the solutions seen above, the solutions possible with the niche shower enclosure provide for the possibility of having only the swing door, the swing door with the fixed side or the sliding shower enclosure. Let’s see what solutions exist: a) Swing door only: can be shaped without major constraints. It is important to remember that, if the wall is not perfectly straight, our profiles allow for an adjustment of 2cm.

Esempio di cabina doccia in nicchia su misura composta solo da un anta battente

b) Swing door + fixed side in line: in this case, the shaping can be done only on the swing door, only on the fixed wall or, in very particular situations, on both.

Cabina doccia in nicchia con porta battente

c) Sliding door + fixed side in line: the shaping can only be done on the fixed part. In order for this solution to be practicable, it is necessary to take into account the opening dimensions of the sliding door and the track so that the entrance space allows for convenient access.

Esempio di soluzione in nicchia scorrevole su misura

Shaped shower enclosure for protrusions or low walls

The presence of protrusions or walls is common in a bathroom. It can depend either on the shape of the bathroom itself or on constructive choices. Also in this case, it is possible to offer solutions that include the walk-in , the corner shower enclosure or the niche one. Let’s go and see the 3 different possibilities.


The situation is very similar to that seen with the attic, what changes is only the position of the shaping. The wall profile allows an adjustment of 2cm if the wall is not perpendicular. Stability is guaranteed by the support bar, which can be horizontal (A), vertical (B), at 45 ° or replaced by a clamp if you need to fix it on the sloping roof (see point 3 above).

Esempio di soluzione walk-in su misura

Corner shower enclosure

In the case of a corner shower enclosure with hinged opening , the shaping can be done indiscriminately on the door ( A ) or on the fixed side ( B ). Of the 2 solutions, the one with the shaped fixed side is certainly preferable.

Esempio di cabina doccia ad angolo su misura

Shower enclosure in niche

The shaping of the niche shower enclosure with hinged opening can include shaping on the fixed side or a door with shaped hinges in its fixed part.

Esempio di cabina doccia in nicchia su misura

Shower enclosure next to a bathtub

The situation of the shower enclosure leaning against the bathtub is solved with the same approach as when in the bathroom we have the shower enclosure shaped by protrusions or low walls that we have just seen above.

Cabina doccia vicino a vasca

Special compensation profiles

The made-to-measure shower enclosure is used when the bathroom has particular shapes or when particular dimensions are required. However, sometimes these situations can be solved with special compensation profiles . Their advantage is that they allow you to use a standard sized shower enclosure and thus allow you to save time and money . The types of these profiles are:

Elongation profiles

They are the most common and are used when the standard shower enclosure is missing a few centimeters to be installed. They allow you to increase the standard size :

  • up to 4 cm per side, in the case of a corner shower enclosure,
  • up to 8 cm in the case of a niche shower enclosure.

These profiles are positioned between the shower enclosure and the fixing wall and are of the same finish and the height of the shower enclosure. To illustrate, the final size of a corner shower enclosure 80×80 could become 84×84. There is no single type of elongation profile, but there are different types:

Profilo di allungamento

Side fixing profiles

It is usually used in the presence of a low wall, an overhang or a niche when it is not possible to mount the wall profile from the front, but only on the side. It can be used both for corner cabins, in niche or fixed walls, in the various types of opening.

Profilo di fissaggio laterale

Angular compensation profiles

It is used when the shower enclosure must be installed in the presence of non-right angles. It is an uncommon situation which, however, when it occurs can be resolved quickly and without burdening with excessive costs.

Profilo di fissaggio laterale

Asymmetrical shower enclosure for narrow and long bathrooms

The narrow and long bathroom often requires custom-made shower enclosures. As we have seen, Relax is able to provide multiple solutions both in width and depth. However, to try to solve these space-saving problems of the bathroom with standard solutions, Relax in the catalog has asymmetrical shower enclosures suitable for solving these situations.

Luxor 120S

If the doors and windows are positioned on the short sides, it becomes difficult to position a corner shower cubicle or, even positioning it, you may have little space inside the shower. The LUXOR model, which has a depth of 60 cm at the fixing point, extends to 120cm or 140cm and progressively widens up to 80 cm, to be able to move around comfortably. The opening is both internal and external.

Cabina doccia tonda ad angolo con porta apribile internamente ed esternamente

Smart RA-S

It is a sliding shower enclosure with detachable doors for easier cleaning. It maintains a reduced depth starting from 70cm up to 90cm wide in the smallest size up to the largest size of 80×120.

Vista assonometrica di cabina doccia curva ad angolo con porte scorrevoli

Bespoke shower enclosure for the disabled

Light D1 and D2

The Light D1 and D2 model is a shower enclosure with doors that are not full height but are divided in half in two. In this way it is possible to open the upper door of the door independently of the lower part. By doing this, you can help the person inside the shower cabin without having the problem of water coming out. It can be installed both in a corner and in a niche.

Esempio di cabina doccia a doppia anta

Light AS

The Light AS model allows to have a total opening and to be devoid of any lower or upper architectural barrier. It can be installed both in a corner and in a niche.

Esempi di cabina doccia con anta a soffietto

Shower trays

Stone + Lake

Stone effect shower trays in GEL-COAT and mineral resins. They have excellent resistance to scratches and wear thanks to the 1mm thick gel-coat coating. They can be customized both in width and in length up to 250cm. If necessary, they can be cut on site.

Esempio di piatto doccia su misura


Smooth Solid Surface shower tray. They have excellent resistance to scratches and wear and the surface can be restored with a maintenance kit. It can be customized both in width and in length up to 250cm. If necessary, they can be cut on site. Being produced from a plate, it is possible to have maximum customization on the basis of a drawing sent by the customer.

Piatto doccia bianco su misura


The made-to-measure shower enclosure is a strength of Relax because it requires expertise both in the design phase and in the production phase. Over the years, Relax has been rewarded by the market for its functional solutions and because it provides: – a technical office dedicated to the study and design of the various solutions – a collection of design products that covers all situations present in a bathroom – Italian production to ensure quality assurance, variety of finishes and delivery times – a measurement and assembly service by specialized technical assistance centers nationwide – a dedicated after-sales service. Relax every day realizes special situations and interfaces with the customer, in a quick and targeted process, to provide the ideal and personalized solution . In the case of contracts, supplies for hotels, prefabricated cells, the company develops dedicated projects, in which each component is designed and produced as per the customer’s specific request.