Wellness area style

The concept of bathroom has evolved in recent years. If you also want a space to take care of your body as if you were in a SPA, with Relax you can find different possibilities, often also adopted in the actual wellness centres.

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At home as in SPA with Turkish bath.

An exclusive environment, equipped with every comfort, as can be a SPA or a spa, nestled within the walls of the house… is it really possible? Some of our solutions are designed to meet this trend in public and private environments, for example with the Relax Turkish bath.

A bathroom wellness area to live with who you want.

The bathroom, always relegated to practical and functional functions, never aggregation or conviviality, has changed face. The concept of comfort extends to the dimension of well-being and requires an adequate enhancement of spaces. Relax is there with dedicated solutions, even tailor-made.

The solution that turns a shower into a Turkish bath.

The small revolution that took place in the bathroom environment can also bring in your home technological solutions and new spaces to share with family and friends. Steam PL Relax, thanks to the door with steam sealing system and, on request, the steam generator, transforms the shower into a Turkish bath.

Well-being in the shower with advanced shower enclosure.

The bathroom as we understand it today is a multifunctional area, where different situations coexist, from the need for relaxation to the simplicity of the essential elements that make it up. The well-being of a shower with massage jets and chromotherapy, such as Bobox Plus, is unparalleled.

The walk-in cabin for spas.

When it comes to wellness centres, it is unthinkable not to assign a space to the shower cabin, unique and inimitable, able to give us relief and dissolve muscle tension, as well as to reinvigorate and give us the energy. The perfect solution for your home as well as for the spa is the walk-in Bobox A, comfortable and practical, without doors and with radiated corners, suitable to contain sketches.