Why do the best creative ideas come in the shower?

Why do the best creative ideas come in the shower?

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The shower represents a moment of relaxation and tranquility for many of us, but also an unexpected opportunity to generate creative ideas. Why do the best creative ideas come to us in the shower? Here are some possible explanations.

The distraction from daily worries

Many people find the shower a moment of relaxation and detachment from the daily grind. While we are under the hot water, we have the opportunity to take our mind away from everyday worries and focus on ourselves, which can lead to the birth of creative ideas. All this because the mind is more open and relaxed, did you know that?

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Better creative ideas in the shower: sensory stimulation

Showering involves several senses, such as touch, smell and hearing. Warm water flowing over the skin, the scent of soap and the sound of falling water can stimulate the mind and activate creativity. In addition, the shower can also be a time for listening to music or singing in the shower, which can also contribute to the generation of creative ideas.

Shower under a waterfall photo from above

The flow of water

The flow of water can have a calming and relaxing effect on the mind and body. This can allow your mind to roam free and generate creative ideas. Additionally, flowing water can also create a “white noise” effect that can help block out other distractions and help you better focus on generating ideas.

Outdoor shower photo

Idee creative migliori sotto la doccia: tempo per la riflessione

La doccia può anche essere un momento in cui si ha il tempo di riflettere su una questione o un problema specifico. Il fatto di essere da soli e lontani dalle distrazioni può aiutare a concentrarsi sulla questione e a trovare una soluzione o un’idea innovativa. Inoltre, la doccia può anche essere un momento in cui si ha il tempo di elaborare e di organizzare i propri pensieri.

Woman takes a shower outdoors

The subconscious mind

Our subconscious mind plays an important role in generating creative ideas. Often, we are unknowingly looking for solutions or new ideas for the problems we face. The shower can be a time when our subconscious mind has a chance to emerge and present innovative and original ideas.

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Best Creative Ideas in the Shower: Scientific Theories

Several studies have investigated why the best creative ideas come in the shower. An interesting 2014 study by Oppezzo and Schwartz found that walking and taking a shower can boost creativity. The study involved 176 participants and revealed that walking outdoors or taking a shower had a calming effect on the mind, allowing one to get distracted from daily distractions and come up with new ideas.


Another 2017 study, conducted by Ritter and Mostert, explored the effect of hot and humid environment on creativity. The authors divided the participants into two groups, one in a warm, humid environment and the other in a cool, dry environment. Participants in the group in a warm, humid environment had more creative ideas than the group in a cool, dry environment. These studies support the idea that showering can have a positive effect on creativity and problem solving.

Shower head

We just have to take a shower!

In summary, the best creative ideas seem to come in the shower for many different reasons, including distraction from everyday worries, sensory stimulation, the flow of water, time for reflection, and the role of the subconscious mind. This phenomenon has also been supported by scientific theories, which show that the shower can have a positive effect on creativity and problem solving. So, if you’re on the hunt for new creative ideas, try getting in the shower and letting your mind wander, you might be surprised by the results! (It is rumored that the best ideas come while in a Relax shower enclosure, will it be true? Find it out!)

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New colors for the Joy shower heads

New colors for the Joy shower heads

New black and white Joy shower heads

Air of novelty in the house Relax. The Joy shower heads are updated and add two new colors to the catalogue: black and white.

The Joy Collection

Did you already know the Joy shower heads? They are two different types of shower heads, characterized by square shapes, particularly suitable for a shower cubicle or a bathroom with linear shapes, which make extensive use of symmetries. Joy S is a traditional shower head, while Joy S+C is a waterfall shower head, a jet of water that recalls the movements of a waterfall!

Joy double shower head

Joy double shower head.

New colors for the Joy shower heads: discover them in the configurator

We have already updated our configurator with the latest prices and current colors, to provide you with maximum support during the sales phase. Not sure how to access it? It’s that simple!


If you are already one of our dealers:

  • Enter your email address at the following link: FIRST ACCESS.
  • Follow the instructions that arrive in your mailbox to set your password.


If you are not yet our reseller:

  • Contact us at info@relaxsrl.com to join our sales network!
Relax shower enclosure configurator

Configurator for our professionals.

New colors for the Joy shower heads: discover them in the catalogue

Do you prefer the PDF with the different solutions proposed in our configurator? No problem, we always update our catalog with prices, images and new finishes. The new Joy shower heads are no exception! Download them directly from your reserved area, or click here: UPDATED CATALOG.

Relaxation catalog 2021

Relax catalogue.

Take a look at the other bathroom accessories

Joy shower heads are not the only bathroom accessories that Relax offers in the catalogue. From seats to shower columns, the possibilities are diverse and always connected to each other. An example? Oblique M complements Oblique MV, two products from the same collection specifically designed to be easily integrated, one with the other, in a unique solution of its kind. Were you looking for one of our shower enclosures with TÜV SÜD certification? Discover them all 👇🏻

Complements and accessories collection for the relaxing bathroom

Complements and accessories Relax.

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New profile for fixed side of Light and Smart

New profile for fixed side of Light and Smart

New light and smart relax profile

New ideas bring innovation, innovation that has always inspired Relax’s interest in the bathroom world. We have updated the Light and Smart collections with an important new feature.

New profile

The new profile for the fixed side of the Smart and Light collections has been renewed in size and exterior. The old profile, with dimensions of 6cm x 4cm has now become “leaner” with dimensions of 3cm x 4cm. The substantial novelty will bring smaller dimensions during installation, a lower weight and new possibilities on the horizon.

Nuovo profilo

Section view of the new Light+Smart profile

Light Collection

The Light collection, with its light shower enclosures, without any type of frame, is renewed in the external appearance and in the configurations with fixed side for those shower enclosures designed for the niche. With the new profile designed for the fixed side F4 of all its possible configurations. The configurations affected by the change will therefore be: Light B2+F4 and Light PS+F4.

Light PS+F4 and Light B2+F4 new fixed side profile

New Light PS+F4 and Light B2+F4

Smart Collection

The Smart collection, including easy-to-assemble and clean (because pre-assembled) shower enclosures, ideal for common use environments such as hotels and all contract environments in general, is renewed with the new profile designed for the fixed side F of all its possible configurations. The configurations affected by the change will therefore be: Smart A+A+F, Smart SC1+F, Smart SC2+F, Smart B1+F, Smart B2+F, Smart R2-S+F.

Smart B1+F and Smart B2+F

New Smart B1+F and B2+F

Smart SC1+F and Smart SC2+F new fixed side profile

New Smart SC1+F and SC2+F

Discover the other shower enclosures with the third side

Were you looking for a new shower cubicle with a fixed third side? In the catalog you will find various ideal solutions for your particular need. Some of them, renewed in appearance such as Smart and Light. You can discover the other shower enclosures at this link: https://relaxsrl.com/en/products/types/shower-enclosures/

Lyra PS+F corner shower enclosure with hinged door and fixed side

Lyra B1+F. Niche shower box adapted to corner with fixed side

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New Cover 6

New Cover 6

Cover 6 AF+F corner in the attic

Cover 6 enriches the Cover collection with several new variants, all with 6mm thick glass. Starting from 1 June in the News 2023 catalog and in the configurator, directly in your reserved area. Find out more 👇🏻

Cover, the customizable hinged shower enclosure

The Cover collection includes shower enclosures with a modern and versatile design. The colour-customizable covers of handles and hinges from the Cover collection are ideal for adapting to any type of bathroom. The ease of changing color with a simple movement allows Cover to be positioned in a huge variety of different bathroom environments.

Cover 6 AC new model in niche

<a href=”https://relaxsrl.com/en/product/cover-ac/”>Cover AC</a>

New Cover 6

The Cover collection is embellished with a new glass thickness, 6 mm. A collection of shower enclosures that completes an already rich range with the 8 mm thickness present. This solution aims to meet different needs and preferences. The models that are affected by this addition are the classic Covers already present in the catalogue: Cover AF+F, Cover AB+AB and all the others.

Cover AF+F overhead view of shower enclosure with white handles and covers

Discover the iconic models

The Cover collection is updated to 6 mm thick glass in all its variants with wall profile. But which are the most iconic ones that will be updated by adding this new format? Discover the most iconic models, all certified TÜV SÜD which will complete the entire collection.

Cover B1 shower enclosure in black niche with hinged door
AF+F corner cover with hinged door and fixed side

The other models with 6 mm thick glass

The family of 6 mm thick glass shower enclosures is now completed by an exceptional new entry, do you already know the others? Let’s see them together:

Puro A+A shower enclosure 6mm glass thickness
Unico A+A shower enclosure 6mm thick glass
Smart A+A shower enclosure 6 mm glass thickness
Wall A shower enclosure 6 mm thick glass
Kubik AC shower enclosure 6 mm thick glass
Petrarca AF+F shower enclosure 6 mm glass thickness
Light AB+F1 shower enclosure 6 mm glass thickness
Evox A+A shower enclosure 6 mm glass thickness

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Everything you need to know about the shower tray! (Complete guide)

Everything you need to know about the shower tray! (Complete guide)


Everything you need to know about the shower tray. A brief guide to choosing, buying and maintaining. Find out more 👇🏻

Shapes and dimensions of the shower tray

Shower trays are initially distinguished by shape and size. On the market they are available in different shapes and sizes to adapt to the different space and design needs of the bathroom. Among the most common form-factors we have:


  • Square.

    They come in different sizes, but usually range from 70cm to 100cm on each side. They are perfect for smaller bathrooms as they leave enough space in the shower and reduce clutter in the bathroom.


  • Rectangular.

    They are available in many sizes, but usually range from 80cm to 180cm in length (and up to 250cm for bespoke solutions) and 70cm to 100cm in width. They are perfect for larger bathrooms and offer more room to move around in the shower.


  • Semicircular.

    They are usually found on the market with cuts ranging from 80 cm to 100 cm in diameter. They’re perfect for smaller bathrooms and those looking for a slightly more traditional look.


Floor-level, above or under floor installation

Installing a shower tray can vary based on the type of tray you choose. Among the most common for your bathroom, you can choose between floor-level, above-the-floor or under-the-floor shower trays. Each of these installation methods has its own unique characteristics, and below we will describe the differences in a detailed and compelling way.


  • Installation floor-level.

    The current trend for the creation of modern and design bathrooms involves the installation of floor-level shower trays. This type of installation allows you to create a minimalist and contemporary look, where the shower tray seems to have almost disappeared. This solution integrates seamlessly into the floor directly, creating a continuous surface that makes the bathroom visually larger. Among the advantages of the floor-level shower tray is the significant reduction in the risk of accidents and falls, thanks to the lack of edges, steps or obstacles between the shower tray and the floor.


  • Installation above the floor.

    Shower trays that are installed above the floor are raised above the floor. This solution is ideal in case of renovations or if you want to add a shower to an existing bathroom. In this case, the shower tray is positioned above the floor without any particular problems. This type of installation allows you to hide the pipes under the shower tray and create a more elegant and refined visual effect than a traditional shower tray.


  • Installation under the floor.

    This solution involves installing the shower tray under the floor, creating an extremely elegant visual effect. This type of installation requires careful preparation of the floor, as the shower tray must be positioned below the level of the latter. Installing the shower tray built into the floor involves masonry work such as the removal of the underlying screed based on the dimensions of our tray and ensuring the flatness of the positioning.


The most common materials for a shower tray

Each material has its own unique characteristics in terms of aesthetics, durability and cost, and the choice of material depends on your personal needs and the style of the bathroom. Let’s see what they are:


  • Ceramics.

    Ceramic is a traditional and popular material for shower trays. It is durable, hard wearing and easy to clean, making it a popular choice for classic and contemporary styled showers. Furthermore, ceramic is available in a wide range of colors and finishes, making it suitable for any bathroom style.


  • Resin.

    Resin is a light and resistant material that is often used for modern shower trays. It is resistant to stains and scratches, making it a practical choice in any situation. The mineral resins that make up this type of plate are durable and light compared to their ceramic or stone counterparts. Among the main advantages of a resin shower tray is that of being able to independently repair any chips or imperfections, with a practical abrasive sponge or grout. The resin shower tray can also be customised, both in terms of color and texture, a significant advantage for those seeking maximum design even in the bathroom.


  • Acrylic.

    The acrylic shower tray is a popular choice for modern bathrooms due to its durability, light weight and ease of installation. Acrylic is a strong, lightweight thermoplastic that’s used for many products, including shower trays, bathtubs, and sinks. Easy to clean and maintain, making it ideal for high traffic washrooms. One of the main advantages of acrylic shower trays is their resistance to cracking and staining. Unlike other materials, such as ceramic or stone, acrylic doesn’t chip or crack easily, or it doesn’t stain easily. Being very light, it is also indicated for a quick and easy installation.


  • Natural stone.

    Natural stone is a luxurious and refined material that gives a touch of elegance to the bathroom. It is strong and durable, making it a popular choice for becoming a high quality prop. However, natural stone is only available in nature, yes, this implies a vast range of colors and finishes, but the latter are not always available in the sizes or colors we prefer >.


What to know before assembly

Before assembling the shower tray, there are some important precautions to take into consideration to ensure correct installation and prevent future problems. Here are some helpful tips:


  • Check the flatness of the screed.

    Checking the flatness of the screed is a very important step to ensure correct installation. The screed is the surface on which the shower tray is laid and must be perfectly leveled to prevent it from becoming deformed or damaged over time. To check the flatness of the screed, it is possible to use a spirit level or an aluminum ruler as long as the screed itself. In both cases, the verification must be carried out both horizontally and vertically. If the bubble is not in the centre, in the case of the bubble, or if there are empty spaces, in the case of the line, this means that the screed is not perfectly level. In both cases, if imperfections are found in the screed, they can be corrected using a self-leveling product or a ready-to-batch screed, following the instructions on the package.

  • Take measurements.

    Taking measurements for your shower pan installation is an important step to ensure proper installation. Here is a guide on how to take measurements for installing the shower tray:


  • Choose the location. Before taking the measurements, you need to choose the location and check that there is enough space for the installation. It is also important to take into account access to the waste system and the position of the taps.
  • Measure the available space. Once the location has been chosen, it is necessary to measure the available space in width and length. It is recommended to use a tape measure or a ruler to take measurements.
  • Check the adequacy of the measurements. Check that the measurements are suitable for the shower tray you intend to purchase. It is important that the measurements are accurate to avoid problems during installation.
  • Check for any obstacles. Check for any obstacles in the installation area, such as pipes, electrical sockets or sanitary fixtures, which could interfere with the installation.
  • Consider the height. It is also important to consider the height of the shower tray in relation to the floor to avoid any accessibility problems.
  • Check if a cut is needed. If there is not enough space available for installation, it may need to be cut. In this case, it is important to check that the shower tray material can be cut and that the cut is made accurately and safely.

What to know during assembly

To lay the shower tray, it is possible to use 3 different types of fixing, including a special mortar. We have listed them for you:


  • Silicone (faster and better value for money).

    Silicone is used for laying because it is a flexible and waterproof material, which guarantees perfect sealing and protection against any water infiltration. Furthermore, silicone has good resistance to high temperatures and atmospheric agents, maintaining its elasticity and durability over time. In particular, silicone is used to seal the edges, i.e. the joint between the shower tray and the walls or floor. These are the critical points where water can leak, causing damage to the underlying structure or favoring the formation of mold and fungi. It is the absolute favorite solution for the excellent value for money.


  • Low expansion polyurethane foam.

    Low-expansion polyurethane foam is used to lay the shower tray because it is an insulating, waterproof material and capable of adapting to the irregular shape of the underlying surface. Furthermore, it is a product that has an excellent adhesion capacity, guaranteeing a stable and safe grip of the shower tray. The low expansion polyurethane foam is applied under the shower tray, between its lower surface and the cement screed or support structure. The low-expansion polyurethane foam expands slightly, adapting itself between the plate and the underlying screed, creating perfect and uniform adhesion.


  • Sand and concrete.

    The special mortar for shower trays is made up of a mixture of sand, cement and additives which give it elasticity and resistance to water. It is applied to the screed or wall and leveled with a spatula before positioning the shower tray. The mortar must be distributed evenly to ensure excellent adhesion and leveling of the shower tray.

Cleaning and maintenance of the shower tray

To clean the shower tray, it is recommended to use specific products for the materials listed below, avoiding the use of abrasive or acid products which could cause permanent damage.


  • Resin.

    For this specific category you can use delicate detergents, such as neutral soap or bicarbonate of soda, diluted in warm water. For scratches and imperfections, where indicated, it is recommended to use an abrasive sponge (usually supplied) which will remove the surface layer. The latter solution is particularly suitable for all products with an opaque colour.


  • Ceramic.

    In this case specific products for cleaning sanitary ware can be used, such as toilet cleaner or sodium bicarbonate, diluted in warm water. Also in this case, it is advisable to avoid the use of abrasive or acidic products.


  • Acrylic.

    To clean an acrylic base it is important to use delicate and non-abrasive products to avoid damaging the surface. You can use a specific detergent or a neutral soap diluted in warm water. Avoid abrasive products, sponges or rough cloths which can scratch the surface. After cleaning the shower tray, rinse well with warm water to completely remove the soap or detergent residues.


After cleaning, it is important to rinse everything thoroughly with warm water and dry with a soft cloth or sponge.
In general, it is advisable to clean the shower tray regularly, at least once a week, to avoid the formation of stains or soap or limestone deposits.

Discover the Relax shower trays

To meet different needs, Relax offers different types of shower trays in its catalogue, each with precise functions and possible customizations, all certified by TÜV SÜD a>, the maximum exponent for European certifications. Discover all the possibilities we have designed for you: https://relaxsrl.com/en/products/types/shower-trays-and-walls/



The shower tray is a fundamental element of the modern bathroom, which allows you to create a comfortable and functional shower area. There are different shapes and sizes, to adapt to different space and style needs, resulting in different choices of always different materials. These choices can make the difference in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

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New Saia shower tray

New Saia shower tray

New white Saia shower tray with central drain

The vast choice of Relax shower trays is enriched. A range that offers different finishes and colors to match the characteristics of your bathroom. These include the new Saia shower tray, characterized by a customized central drain.

What is twill?

Twill is a type of fabric characterized by a diagonal weave. Diagonal weft is created by the arrangement of warp and weft threads, which alternate regularly and form an oblique pattern. This type of fabric can be made from a variety of materials, including cotton, wool, and silk, and is often used to make suits, trousers, jackets, and coats. Twill is resistant, durable and elastic, it is appreciated for its soft and smooth texture, an important value for a relief fabric.

Twill fabric texture

Twill, with a strong diagonal weave.

Saia, shower tray with central drain

Saia is composed of mineral resins and Gel Coat, which makes it extremely resistant, long-lasting and easy to clean. Furthermore, thanks to the non-slip and antibacterial material with which it is made, it offers a high level of safety during use. The typical central drain of the Saia shower tray favors the rapid dispersion of excess water, guaranteeing a more comfortable shower experience. Here are its features:


  • Height 2.5 cm
  • Mineral resins and gel-coats
  • With dedicated central drain
  • Can be cut on site
  • Recoverable
  • Downloaded below with ribs
  • Available in standard and custom sizes
Saia white shower tray drain

Personalized central drain cover by Saia.

The exclusivity of a linear shower tray

A linear shower tray, with a central drain that develops vertically, can add a touch of elegance and modernity to the bathroom. The exclusivity of the design is found in the linearity of the shape, which merges with the central drain, creating a unique visual harmony. While the option of having the shower tray available in two different colours, white and anthracite, allows you to adapt the shower tray to the specific design needs of the bathroom. The choice of colours also allows you to create a chromatic contrast with the rest of the bathroom or to opt for a tone on tone that integrates in a unique way with the other elements present. The white tone can create a minimalist and clean effect, anthracite is perfect for creating an elegant and refined atmosphere.

New anthracite-colored saia shower tray

Anthracite color, top view.

Stone effect texture

Saia stands out for its unrivaled durability and resistance and that is why we were inspired by such a vigorous weave. Thanks to the protective layer of gel-coat that covers it, this shower tray is characterized by extraordinary resistance, which significantly extends its life over time.



The surface of a shower tray like Saia recalls the natural beauty of stone, always remaining soft and delicate. An elegant furnishing option that becomes a design element, thanks to its texture that accurately reproduces the variety of typical nuances of natural stone. The resulting tactile sensation is extremely pleasant and comfortable, the guarantee of a shower with a unique and pleasantly relaxing sensory experience.

Stone texture new Saia shower tray

Stone effect texture, delicate and soft on the skin.

Watch the presentation video!

Discover the new Saia shower tray

Discover Saia on the dedicated page directly on our website. You will find a lot of useful information and insights. Look at the assembly instructions and technical data sheets to get to know Saia in preview, by directly accessing the download</a) page >!

Download area for the new Relax shower trays

Download area.

Order in the reserved area

Saia is already available for purchase. Discover it in the reserved area and order it with the configurator.

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New Cupro C & Cupro L shower trays

New Cupro C & Cupro L shower trays

Cupro C shower tray with waste on the short side

Choosing the right shower tray can make all the difference in the functionality and appearance of our shower space. Let’s discover together the novelties of the new one collection of Cupro shower trays, completely Made in Italy.

What is cupro?

A soft and gentle fabric like silk, obtained from the filaments that surround the cotton plant. It’s cupro. Thanks to its characteristic sheen, cupro is smooth and delicate. This is why this fiber has become increasingly popular for creating a wide range of clothing items, thanks to the softness and the pleasant sensation it can give on the skin. Its main features include unrivaled wear resistance and durability over time.


The cupro, soft and delicate as silk.

Cupro, shower trays with same material drain covers

Cupro C and Cupro L are made entirely in Italy, with a high quality material that combines resins and minerals with a protective surface layer of gel coat, anti-slip and antibacterial. The selected materials are resistant, solid and long-lasting: in fact, they guarantee high resistance to deformation and ease of cleaning. Let’s see the features together:


  • Height 3.0 cm
  • Mineral resins and gel-coats
  • With dedicated drain cover
  • Can be cut on site
  • Recoverable
  • Downloaded below with ribs
  • Available in standard and custom sizes
New cupro c shower tray with dedicated drain

Dedicated cupro C drain cover.

Unmatched versatility for the new shower trays

The shower trays Cupro C and Cupro L present, in addition to a dedicated drain made of the same material as the shower tray, also a remarkable versatility, why? Being specular, with the only difference of having the waste respectively on the short side (for Cupro C) and on the long side (for Cupro L), the two shower trays can be easily inserted into any project, giving maximum freedom organization to those who have the task of imagining the bathroom in its entirety. The interplay of spaces will therefore be simpler and more permissive, with an eye to the comfort of those who use it.

Cupro L above floor

Cupro L, above the floor.

Texture da togliere il fiato

We were inspired by cupro not only for the name of this collection of shower trays, but also for some of the fundamental characteristics that distinguish it. A soft and delicate fabric, which envelops and gives a feeling of freshness with its shiny coat. Our Cupro retraces all the salient features of the homonymous fabric, with the particularity of having a texture looking like concrete, which gives those who use it greater reliability and safety in terms of slipping. All while remaining soft and delicate on the skin.

Cupro shower tray texture

Cement-like texture, soft and gentle on the skin.

Watch the presentation video!

Discover the new shower trays Cupro C e Cupro L

Discover Cupro C and Cupro L on the pages dedicated to them directly on our website. You will find a lot of useful information and insights. You can also download technical data sheets and assembly instructions, by accessing directly the download page!

Download area for the new Relax shower trays

Download area.

Order in the reserved area

We have already made Cupro C and Cupro L available to buy, discover them in the reserved area and order them with the configurator.

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