The bathroom of the future is hi-tech: more and more technology in the bathrooms of Italian homes

The bathroom of the future is hi-tech
Smart mirror with indicators

The bathroom of the future is getting closer and closer. The technology in Italian bathrooms is clear: in our country, in fact, hi-tech elements in the bathroom are constantly growing. A number that is destined to grow according to consumer needs. Find out what the hottest items are 👇🏻

Bathroom of the future: technology in Italian bathrooms today

In Italy the trend to insert hi-tech elements in the bathroom is spreading more and more. In fact, 19% of showers, 16% of bathtubs and 12% of toilets in recently remodeled bathrooms are equipped with high-tech toilets.


Italians are also investing in luxury details for the bathroom, for example:


  • Rain shower (69%)
  • 2 person bathtub (24%)
  • Dual flush toilet (42%).


Probably Italians pay particular attention to the bathroom because they spend a lot of time in this room:


  • 62% spend 30 to 60 minutes on it every day
  • 11% spend more than 1 hour in the company of their mobile devices every day.


Italians, not surprisingly, are in first place in preferring showers with tech elements (19%), followed by the French (18%) and the Japanese (17% ). Instead, we are in fourth place worldwide as regards the choice of technological accessories for the bathtub (16%), behind the Japanese (89%) followed by the Germans (28%) and the Spanish (19%).


The Pandemic and inflation have changed the way of living at home. In 2022, 68% of Italians spend more time at home than in 2019. This is why people are looking for more space, both indoors and outdoors, with innovative solutions that save on bills and respect the environment by avoiding energy waste.


In Italy a new planning of the good life is establishing itself. The house is becoming the fulcrum of our new existential project. The bathroom was the first room in the house to open up to innovation and has combined classic functionality with technological functionality through the creation of truly original components. The purpose of a hi-tech bathroom is to combine comfort and efficiency while also taking into account design. Now let’s see which elements of the bathroom have been affected by technology.

Bathtubs and showers

Hi-tech bathtubs are those that have numerous functions such as hydromassage and LED lighting for chromotherapy. The most used model is the freestanding one with innovative materials such as enamelled steel which allows easier and faster cleaning.


As far as showers are concerned, we are faced with more interesting innovations. Referring to the functionality of the shower, the changes made to one of the main elements cannot be ignored: the shower head. It is now possible to buy shower heads capable of producing different jets of water with adjustable power and which are able to give a real feeling of relaxation while keeping in mind the harmony of design, discover some of our < a href="">accessories. In addition, there are shower heads that have a built-in Bluetooth speaker that allows you to listen to your favorite music while washing without the risk of wetting your phone or radio.

Chromotherapy shower enclosure

Shower with chromotherapy.


For the Sanitary ware, systems have been patented that make the drains more powerful, generating a flow of water capable of completely sanitizing the surface, also helping you in their maintenance and cleaning. Furthermore, it is possible to find toilets with integrated bidets on the market.


The latter are an extremely convenient solution to save space and to be able to take advantage of the dual function there is a hand shower that acts as a tool for intimate hygiene. Again, there are sanitary ware with multifunctional remote control that even allow you to heat the toilet seat.

Japanese washlet buttons detail

Will Japanese washlets replace toilets?

Electronic faucets

Electronic faucets are an excellent example of innovation, and in particular of an innovation that also looks at the environment. In fact, this type of faucet is made up of a sensor that is activated only when we decide it is and this has several advantages including avoiding touching the surface of the mixer with dirty hands and, above all, not wasting excess water.

Touchless faucet

Touchless faucets, as we already see them today.


One of the elements to which highly technological functions have been applied is the mirror. It’s hard to believe, yet the mirror in a hi-tech bathroom is capable of performing several functions at the same time. In addition to fulfilling its reflective task, the technological mirror can be equipped with a touch-screen surface that allows you to adjust some parameters. For example, it is possible to activate the adjustable integrated LED lighting to always have a light source that best illuminates us; or you can connect a device via Bluetooth and listen to music; and finally you can also activate the anti-fog kit, useful for saving time cleaning.

Smart mirror with indicators

Smart mirror with visible indicators.

Bathroom of the future, what to expect?

Artificial Intelligence, data analysis, robots and more: within a few years, technology will take care of everything. The Bathroom will be the place with the greatest number of innovations. In the bathroom, technology will become the essential element. The intelligent mirrors that can already be seen in some shops today will enter all homes within a few years. Thanks to facial recognition, they will be able to analyze, for example, the state of health of the skin and recommend the most suitable products you may need.


In the bathroom of the future, the scale will no longer just communicate the weight, but will also evaluate the percentage of fat mass and communicate with the smartwatch to cross-reference our body temperature and pressure with these data, and suggest the most suitable diet in addition to activity physics to do. We will also have smart toothbrushes available that check if you brush your teeth in the best way and analyze their status. The SMART TOILET will also be fundamental for health, such as the one designed by the prestigious MIT in Boston, which will analyze the contents of the feces to obtain fundamental information from a health point of view.

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