Assemble shower enclosure: with Relax it’s easy

Assemble shower enclosure: with Relax it’s easy

Niche shower enclosure with black profiles and pre-assembled frame

Installing a shower enclosure with Relax is easier than you think. In fact, it takes less time than you might expect. The solutions that we have thought up to make our shower enclosures simple and quick to assemble are different👇🏻

Assemble the shower enclosure: take the measurements

The most important situation when you go to assemble the shower enclosure is taking the measurements. Very often, in fact, the walls on which the shower enclosures are positioned are not perfectly perpendicular, this can create difficulties during the assembly phase. Always make sure that the latter are perpendicular, and if they are not, be prepared to use specific compensation profiles for your shower enclosure.

Measures taken during shower enclosure assembly

Pre-assembled shower enclosures: what they are and how they work

Relax pre-assembled shower enclosures ensure effective, safe and very fast installation. But how exactly do they work?


A pre-assembled product has the particularity of being packaged by the manufacturing company (in this case Relax) with some elements already inserted inside their physical location of destination, or where they should be assembled during installation. Some Relax shower enclosures are distinguished by having upper and lower profiles pre-assembled with the rest of the frame. The pre-assembled solution thus proves to be an excellent way to save time and errors during installation.

Shower enclosure installation

What are the Relax preassembled shower enclosures?

Relax’s preassembled shower enclosures are different, each with its own characteristics. Let’s see some of them together:

Steam PB

Steam PB is a niche shower enclosure for the turkish bath. It is equipped with a steam seal system which completely guarantees the maintenance of the heat inside. Steam PB is a pre-assembled shower enclosure because the entire frame, with the exception of the door, reaches its destination already prepared for installation. Therefore, to assemble shower enclosures like Steam PB, you don’t necessarily need expert hands, just follow the step-by-step instructions.

Steam PB pre-assembled shower enclosure

Unico A+A

Unico A+A is a corner shower enclosure made up of two sliding doors that open and close, creating a corner access, with considerable entry space. Unico is characterized by an upper decorative profile that can be completely customized in color, to match even the smallest detail to the surrounding bathroom environment. Unico A+A is a shower enclosure that Relax supplies pre-assembled. The elements that compose it already assembled are: the fixed glasses, with the upper and lower profiles and the upright that will hold the wall-mounted shower enclosure. The only two parts that require installation are the doors, which need to be adjusted.

Unico A+A pre-assembled shower enclosure

Smart SC1

Smart SC1 is a niche shower enclosure with 6mm thick glass. It has a sliding door, comfortable and quick to use, which integrates well with a niche inside the bathroom. Smart SC1 is a particular product compared to the previous ones, as the predisposition for the niche differentiates the pre-assembly. The door and the fixed side arrive separately, but the latter carries the entire frame with it which will then be adjusted according to the needs and perpendicularities of the walls.

Smart SC1 pre-assembled shower enclosure

Assembling the shower box: Relax puts all the tools at your disposal

Whether you want to rely on one of our accredited installers or assemble the shower cubicle yourself, we have set up a download area. Within this area you will find all the technical data sheets and assembly instructions you need to complete your installation. If you need more information on the certifications that make a Relax shower enclosure a quality shower enclosure, you can read more here. Relax shower enclosures are tested and certified by TÜV Sud.

Shower enclosure assembly: download assembly instructions

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Succulents: how to furnish your bathroom with style

Succulents: how to furnish your bathroom with style

Three succulents resting on the sink in the bathroom

The bathroom is certainly the area of the house where humidity is most likely to accumulate. Especially if this is not equipped with windows. Air quality is important and it is good to make the bathroom a welcoming environment.

Eliminate moisture with plants

In the bathroom, humidity could cause some discomfort. Fortunately, there are many plants that have the ability to absorb moisture such as Ivy and Tillandsia that feed on the humidity of the environment. Likewise, the fern or Haworthia succulent plant that is used to living even in difficult conditions, feeding on the humidity that surrounds it.


Can succulents be placed in the bathroom? Yes of course.

Succulents are always very characteristic and are also easy to grow. They are almost chameleonic, they always adapt to the space in which they are located, they are ideal as furnishing accessories.


Whether large or small, succulents have an edge as a bathroom plant, because in this room they will directly draw the humidity from the air which is their nourishment. Succulents are known as succulents precisely because they are able to absorb large quantities of water, this ability allows them to overcome large periods of drought. The absorbed water is then used by the plant to stay hydrated. The compact and often hermetic shapes are enriched with hairs and waxes that isolate the plant itself from the environment to combat temperatures, allowing the plant to conserve water without wasting it. Here the bathroom becomes an ideal habitat for succulents: they absorb water through humidity.


Decorating the bathroom with succulents is a healthy habit that is becoming increasingly popular. It is a new trend in eco-friendly furniture that involves the most striking and eye-catching indoor plants. Succulents are used as interior design elements. Adding succulents means adding greenery, liveliness and naturalness to your bathroom and is also a great way to regain energy.


What are the most suitable succulents for the bathroom? In this article, Relax will show you the most suitable ones based on the characteristics, care and obviously the type of bathroom, certainly with higher humidity conditions than the other rooms in the house. We will talk about succulents that are normally found in our homes. Now we will show you why they are particularly suitable for your bathroom.


Furnishing the bathroom with succulents is an excellent idea, especially for those who don’t have a green thumb and for those who don’t have much time to devote to plant care and spend many days away from home. This is because, compared to traditional plants and flowers, succulents do not require a lot of attention but very little care and only some forethought. This is why they are an excellent furnishing solution for those who want a touch of green in their home.


Recent studies have confirmed that creating a green space inside your apartment brings a beneficial and relaxing effect to human health by improving both the mood and the air quality of the house. Spending time in a place where there are plants, the body perceives a feeling of relaxation. This also happens in spaces where there are succulents because the air is cleaner and purified.


Succulents are vegetables that need little care, need little fresh water and it is essential to water them only when the soil is completely dry. The bathroom is therefore a perfect habitat for these plants thanks to the humid and warm temperatures.

Agave blu in the desert

Agave Blue

Succulents for the bathroom

Just in the bathroom, a typically humid environment, succulents can absorb the water to be stored they will need.

Also, they only need very little light.



The bathroom is the perfect habitat for Aloe because it is a plant that does not like direct light, both in summer and in winter. It does not require a lot of water, indeed before wetting it you should check that the soil is dry



Aloe is a plant native to Africa. Aloe therefore loves light. It is ideal to keep in the bathroom for ornamental purposes. It does not require special attention, it is sufficient to monitor the soil wetting it only when completely dry.



The cactus is another succulent plant that is perfect for the bathroom, as it loves to proliferate in a warm and humid environment. It is a very used plant for its beauty and particularity. With very different shapes and sizes, the cactus allows you to furnish with greater versatility, thus giving the possibility to decorate classic, modern, chic and rustic bathrooms.



Kalanchoe is a succulent plant of tropical origin that doesn’t need a lot of water. Thanks to its fleshy leaves it is the perfect plant for the bathroom. Love the light but not in direct form. It is a succulent plant native to southern Africa and Madagascar. It has particular wide and flat leaves. It is a plant that can be the protagonist in every room of the house but in particular in the bathroom. The bathroom is the most suitable environment as the Kalanchoe prefers bright places with good temperatures. It is a succulent ornamental plant, perfect for growing indoors, where it can flower all year round. It is a plant that adapts without problems to a Spartan life, with little fertilization.



This indoor succulent plant was identified in the 1800s and owes its name to a Mexican naturalist painter: Atanasio Echeverria. Native to the Americas, it has flat leaves arranged like a rose. It is a very popular succulent plant because it is robust and very decorative. The red or yellow flowers are bell-shaped and gathered in spikes. They are easy to grow plants.

Green leaves of Aloe Vera close-up

Aloe Vera


Defined as a “Jade tree” for its beautiful round leaves and an intense green, it is native to Africa. It grows slowly and over time develops a real stem like a sapling. It is one of the most sought after and cultivated ornamental succulents. Not only because of the beautiful appearance with its gorgeous shiny, oval leaves, but also because it tends to grow lush without too much maintenance. Crassula has a singular foliage of intense green color with red profiles. The leaves are oval almost to remind those of small eggs.



Present in different varieties, it is one of the few succulents spread spontaneously also in the Mediterranean scrub. Among the indoor succulents, it is certainly the one that guarantees constant and beautiful blooms. It is a succulent plant known as the “candlestick tree”. She is perfect for beginners and easy to grow.



The Yucca is a succulent plant that comes from Mexico and the Caribbean and in its natural habitat reaches up to 20 meters in height. In the apartment it does not exceed 2 meters. It is recognizable by a cylindrical stem and tufted leaves.



The Sanseviera is ideal for decorating the blind bathroom. It lends itself to being placed in an environment with little sun and a high level of humidity. Sanseviera is a very resistant plant, also suitable for those who do not have a green thumb. Sanseviera is ideal for the bathroom because it is able to purify the air, transforming carbon dioxide into oxygen and absorbing moisture. Fascinating, with long and narrow leaves, bright and fleshy erect, of an intense green color. It is a plant with few needs, essential for those who want to furnish their bathroom with style and elegance.



It is a plant native to Tanzania. Loves humidity and indirect sunlight. It is an ideal plant for the bathroom, it should be watered a couple of times a month.

Yucca plant close-up



The Dracena is a plant with few needs. It has an exotic appearance and is useful for purifying the air of harmful substances. Love the light, but not the direct sun.



Tillandsias are aerial plants: they don’t need soil to grow and in the wild, in Mexico, they grow attached to light poles and along roads. Since they draw water and nutrients directly from the air, the bathroom is the right place for them.



It is a very beautiful plant: its green and lively foliage makes it lush, evocative of tropical landscapes, and therefore perfect for decorating the bathroom with class and taste.



Zamia is one of the best indoor succulents we can grow in the home, magnificent as an ornamental and with beautiful leaves. It is a tropical plant much appreciated for its ease of cultivation and for its resistance to parasites and diseases. It is a plant that is resistant even in difficult conditions such as poor light or limited water availability. Zamia is an evergreen perennial.



It is a plant native to Brazil and prefers shade and humidity. For this reason, the internal environment of our bathroom becomes an ideal climate for growing luxuriantly compared to other cactus native to deserts that require little water and a lot of sun or heat. It prefers a humid climate, so it is a plant that needs to be watered regularly and little by little. It blooms between December and February.

Philodendron succulent plant



Fittonia is an indoor ornamental plant highly appreciated for the beauty of its variegated foliage. The leaves rather than the flowers are therefore the real attraction. It is grown indoors, one of the main advantages is that it is not bulky. It grows in a humid environment such as a bathroom and must receive filtered sunlight.



Agave is a succulent plant native to Central America. Already at the time of the discovery of this continent, plants were imported so much that today they are classic plants of the Mediterranean scrub. Agave is an easy plant to grow and with Spartan needs. Over the decades, small Agaves have also been produced, particularly appreciated as decorative plants.



Sedum burrito is a very beautiful ornamental plant with global leaves, of Mexican origin. It is an undemanding plant, suitable for a wall unit. These plants are perfect for adding a touch of green in the bathroom, whether you love Japanese Zen minimalism, whether you prefer warm and rustic homes, or whether you appreciate the more restrained contemporary style. If you are looking for a succulent plant with a great scenic effect, the Sedum burrito is perfect. You can place it in hanging pots and it will create a splendid light green waterfall that in summer will give red bellflower flowers.

Agave plant close-up with desert background



Furnishing the bathroom with succulents is a simple and elegant way to bring energy into the home and transform its appearance. If you introduce plants in the bathroom, you will begin to notice improvements in health and general mood. It is important to first study the location of the plants in the house: the spaces should not be overcrowded because each species needs its habitat to grow, but at the same time they must not be made to look too sparse or random. Our advice is to create a micro-plant area composed of plants of different sizes and shapes. But make sure that the plants you choose are suitable for that particular space.

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