Which plants to choose to decorate the bathroom?

Which plants to choose to decorate the bathroom?
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Among the various furnishing accessories, can plants be used to decorate the bathroom?

The bathroom is a “service” room, which, however, just like the other places in the house, can give satisfaction if properly furnished. But how can you furnish a room like a bathroom? Of course with plants! Highly recommended for their beneficial qualities, among which we can find the ability to purify the air and hide odors. And which of these lend themselves more to such a particular environment?

A study by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (more commonly known as NASA) has revealed how plants can also protect us from some harmful elements in the air, such as formaldehyde and benzene. Among the studies and the many researches done on plants, it emerged that being surrounded by plants is positive for our mood, a serious help to calm us down and make us feel more relaxed. In fact, plants improve the internal microclimate.

Plants in the bathroom not only furnish with elegance but add volume and depth. In addition to giving color, they make the bathroom warmer and more welcoming. Just create the right conditions for the specimens to stay healthy. Therefore, choosing plants as an ornamental element in the bathroom has a whole series of advantages. Let’s see them together.

Plants for the bathroom


While the soil that houses the plants inside the pots has the ability to eliminate bad odors, the green of the plant, such as the leaf, helps the surrounding environment to regulate the humidity in the air.


Plants are ideal for enriching the design of a bathroom, as they integrate excellently into the space without detracting from the other accessories present. The plants adapt to both modern and design bathrooms and to classic and vintage ones.


Deciding to place plants inside the bathroom implies a more intense effort on the part of those who live in the house. The maximum attention that must be given to a project like this aims to keep the latter thriving and healthy. It is therefore an ideal solution for those who have time and sufficient diligence, or for those with a passion for gardening or for green spaces.


There are plants that do not tolerate environments that are not ideal for their characteristics. Some, for example, need special care. For this reason, the peculiarities of the bathroom make this environment ideal for some, while for others less so. What are the less suitable situations?

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  • Lack of sunlight . Each house has its own particularities, some have only one window, some have two, and some have none. As we all know, plants love sunlight, a dimly lit environment could damage them.
  • Humidity . Between shower, sink and bathtub, water is the undisputed queen of the bathroom, this implies a strong humidity all year round.

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  • Sudden changes in temperature . The thermal excursion, therefore the difference between the high temperatures and the lowest ones, is among the highest in the bathroom. Because? Because the vapors of a hot shower are capable of greatly increasing the temperature, as well as ventilate the room in the middle of winter.

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  • Cosmetic products . How many of us regularly use personal care products in the bathroom? Many. The probability that some droplets fall on the surrounding plants is very high, and they are not always happy about it.
Selection of three plants for the bathroom


The best plants for the bathroom are small tropical plants that don’t need a lot of soil. The species that we recommend are in fact born in dark and humid environments, making their way through many other plants.

In our opinion, these are the most suitable plants for the bathroom for those with black thumbs .


Pothos is an evergreen plant. It is used for ornamentation due to its remarkable adaptability and resistance. It is a perfect tropical plant for the bathroom. It does not need too much light and does well in humid environments.


Philodendron is a tropical plant. It is the most common houseplant. It is a plant that requires very little care and grows in humid environments. Which environment is wetter and more suitable than the bathroom then?


The Sanseviera is ideal for decorating the blind bathroom. It lends itself to being placed in an environment with little sun and a high level of humidity. Sanseviera is a very resistant plant, also suitable for those who do not have a green thumb. Sanseviera is ideal for the bathroom because it is able to purify the air, transforming carbon dioxide into oxygen and absorbing moisture.


Aspidistra is the most durable and resistant among indoor plants. It is a very long-lived evergreen plant, commonly known as a “lead plant” because it is practically impossible to kill it. It does not need light and water, nor space. It is suitable for those who do not have a green thumb.


It is a tropical plant that is well suited to the blind bathroom. It doesn’t require a lot of sunlight, and it’s hardy. Do not place the Bamboo in an area affected by direct light. It is a plant native to the rainforest, so it needs shade and a cool environment. When exposed to sunlight, it will turn yellow.

Bamboo forest. Ideal plant for the bathroom


Anglaonema is an evergreen plant native to China. He is famous for his adaptability skills. It is able to purify the air and at the same time survives in bathrooms, even the blind ones. Anglaonema, in fact, loves to be illuminated by indirect sunlight, but can also do without it. Its soil needs a certain amount of water, and for this reason, the bathroom is an ideal environment for its survival since the humidity present in this room will be able to fully satisfy this need.


Begonia is a plant that absorbs moisture. The most suitable is the Begonia Rex, colored and ornamental. He wants indirect light. Begonia gives the bathroom a romantic touch. It is a plant that has no particular claims, other than to receive water with a certain regularity. The humidity in the bathroom fully responds to this need. Begonia infuses the room with a sweet scent, counteracting bad smells and freeing the air from harmful substances.


Asparagine is an evergreen perennial plant. It is famous for the ornamental qualities of its beautiful foliage, making it the perfect houseplant. Asparagine loves the humidity of the bathroom and needs moderate light. Asparagine does not require very complex treatments.


The Fern is the plant that finds its ideal habitat in the bathroom. The fern, in fact, mainly needs one ingredient to grow luxuriantly: humidity. This evergreen plant requires water on a regular basis.


Ficus is an easy plant to care for. She lives without problems in the apartment, and in particular in a room such as the bathroom where humidity and mild temperatures help to create the ideal environment in which to grow healthy and luxuriant. Ficus is able to thoroughly purify the air and takes advantage of the humidity of the bathroom to quench the thirst and nourish its leaves, which give it a certain charm thanks to their size and intense green color. The Ficus loves indirect light and therefore should not be placed in a blind bathroom.

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