80×80 shower enclosure: how to make the most of it

80×80 shower enclosure: how to make the most of it
Corner shower enclosure 80x80 with sliding doors seen from above

It is one of the most common shower enclosures on the market: the 80×80 cm shower enclosure proves to be a versatile product, thanks also to its “agile” dimensions. With its dimensions, it fits perfectly into many types of bathroom. Find out more 👇🏻

80×80 shower enclosure: real example in a bathroom

In a small bathroom, the size of the bathroom furniture plays a very important role, as does the shower enclosure. An 80×80 shower cubicle often finds its natural place in square bathrooms which in a small space must offer complete equipment and great comfort. We also talked about it here.


For this reason, Relax has provided various solutions, to allow even those who have a bathroom with not exactly generous dimensions to be able to install a quality shower enclosure.


An 80×80 shower enclosure leaves a margin of safety, the handful of centimeters sufficient to prevent accidental bumps of the elbows on the walls or on the glass, thus giving the perception of greater freedom of use and comfort. The arrangement of the taps is absolutely indifferent so as to exclude the possibility of incurring the risk of misunderstandings during the hydraulic preparation phase.


In the example shown here, it is possible to see a practical example of a 80×80 cm shower enclosure, inserted at an angle, where it is possible to use it without occupying important spaces. Maximum attention must be paid to the choice of the opening of the shower enclosure in a bathroom of this size. It is usually better to prefer a door that opens inside the shower enclosure: this allows you to fully exploit the space inside the bathroom.

Shower cabin 80x80 bathroom seen from above

Small bathroom with 80×80 cm shower enclosure

80×80 shower enclosure: the recommended openings

There are many openings that are suitable for an 80×80 cm shower enclosure, but which are the most suitable for making the most of a space like this? The solutions are different, each suitable for one or more particular situations.


An 80×80 shower enclosure offers more choice without directing the user too much towards a sliding model. For balance in the proportions, arrangement of the taps and bathroom layout, it is often possible to choose a swing door combined with the fixed side to have a large entrance without risking excessively compromising the watertightness. If, on the other hand, there were impediments to full swing opening, it would always be possible to opt for a saloon or folding door.


All Relax shower enclosures are characterized by TÜV SÜD certification, completely Made in Italy and available in different sizes and finishes.

Corner shower box 80x80

Different types of entrance for 80×80 cm shower enclosures

Sliding door, Puro A+A

Among the most common 80×80 cm shower enclosures there is undoubtedly the double sliding door. A great classic, revived by Relax in a modern key, with an upper decorative profile that can be customized in color, combined with a lower profile of only 15 mm. Puro A+A is one of the most suitable solutions for these dimensions, find out it here.

Corner shower box 80x80 with sliding doors

Pivoting door, Kubik AB+F

Kubik AB+F proves to be one of the most valuable solutions for an 80×80 cm shower enclosure. Equipped with a pivoting door and a support arm directly integrated into the frame, it remains one of the most minimal possibilities to be inserted inside the bathroom. The thin profiles, enhanced by a glass thickness of 6 or 8 mm, and the infinite combinations of finishes make Kubik an unparalleled product in the world of shower enclosures.

Kubik AB+F corner shower enclosure

Saloon door, Light B2+F4

The saloon door proves to be one of the most comfortable and functional for taking advantage of all the entrance space of an 80×80 cm shower enclosure. The complete opening takes advantage of both the outside and the inside of the shower enclosure, thanks to this incredible feature, it is possible to enter and exit the shower even in dangerous situations. Light B2+F4 stands out for its marked linearity, in which glass is the absolute protagonist.

Corner shower enclosure with saloon door

Folding door, Light AS+F3

The folding door stands out for its unparalleled versatility. Light AS+F3 stands out for the possibility of folding the folding door completely against the wall, so our shower cubicle can become really spacious, both during the shower and when entering and exiting it. The folding door of Light AS+F3 is light and minimal thanks to the structural absence of profiles. Learn more about Light AS+F3 here.

80×80 shower enclosure: conclusions

Dimensions very often make the difference between one opening system and another, so it is important to choose the ideal opening system for your shower cubicle and your size in the bathroom at home. The possibilities are many and all different, each with its own characteristics. The 4 openings illustrated in this article are, in different positions, common situations in a small bathroom.

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