Why do the best creative ideas come in the shower?

Why do the best creative ideas come in the shower?
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The shower represents a moment of relaxation and tranquility for many of us, but also an unexpected opportunity to generate creative ideas. Why do the best creative ideas come to us in the shower? Here are some possible explanations.

The distraction from daily worries

Many people find the shower a moment of relaxation and detachment from the daily grind. While we are under the hot water, we have the opportunity to take our mind away from everyday worries and focus on ourselves, which can lead to the birth of creative ideas. All this because the mind is more open and relaxed, did you know that?

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Better creative ideas in the shower: sensory stimulation

Showering involves several senses, such as touch, smell and hearing. Warm water flowing over the skin, the scent of soap and the sound of falling water can stimulate the mind and activate creativity. In addition, the shower can also be a time for listening to music or singing in the shower, which can also contribute to the generation of creative ideas.

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The flow of water

The flow of water can have a calming and relaxing effect on the mind and body. This can allow your mind to roam free and generate creative ideas. Additionally, flowing water can also create a “white noise” effect that can help block out other distractions and help you better focus on generating ideas.

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Idee creative migliori sotto la doccia: tempo per la riflessione

La doccia può anche essere un momento in cui si ha il tempo di riflettere su una questione o un problema specifico. Il fatto di essere da soli e lontani dalle distrazioni può aiutare a concentrarsi sulla questione e a trovare una soluzione o un’idea innovativa. Inoltre, la doccia può anche essere un momento in cui si ha il tempo di elaborare e di organizzare i propri pensieri.

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The subconscious mind

Our subconscious mind plays an important role in generating creative ideas. Often, we are unknowingly looking for solutions or new ideas for the problems we face. The shower can be a time when our subconscious mind has a chance to emerge and present innovative and original ideas.

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Best Creative Ideas in the Shower: Scientific Theories

Several studies have investigated why the best creative ideas come in the shower. An interesting 2014 study by Oppezzo and Schwartz found that walking and taking a shower can boost creativity. The study involved 176 participants and revealed that walking outdoors or taking a shower had a calming effect on the mind, allowing one to get distracted from daily distractions and come up with new ideas.


Another 2017 study, conducted by Ritter and Mostert, explored the effect of hot and humid environment on creativity. The authors divided the participants into two groups, one in a warm, humid environment and the other in a cool, dry environment. Participants in the group in a warm, humid environment had more creative ideas than the group in a cool, dry environment. These studies support the idea that showering can have a positive effect on creativity and problem solving.

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We just have to take a shower!

In summary, the best creative ideas seem to come in the shower for many different reasons, including distraction from everyday worries, sensory stimulation, the flow of water, time for reflection, and the role of the subconscious mind. This phenomenon has also been supported by scientific theories, which show that the shower can have a positive effect on creativity and problem solving. So, if you’re on the hunt for new creative ideas, try getting in the shower and letting your mind wander, you might be surprised by the results! (It is rumored that the best ideas come while in a Relax shower enclosure, will it be true? Find it out!)

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