Best 80×120 shower enclosures: which ones to choose?

Best 80×120 shower enclosures: which ones to choose?
Corner shower enclosure 80x120 with hinged door

It is one of the most requested shower enclosures: the 80×120 shower enclosure. But, what makes it so sought after? The possibility of inserting it in different bathroom contexts makes it the ideal corner shower cubicle. With its comfortable and at the same time contained dimensions, it proves to be a precious ally from which to start building your dream bathroom. Find out more 👇🏻

80×120 shower enclosure: how to position it in the bathroom?

Inside the bathroom, the 80×120 shower enclosure is at ease in the corner, where it can express all its potential. In fact, an 80×120 shower cubicle often finds its natural place in bathrooms that develop in length, where the longitudinality of the glass marks the shapes of the shower cubicle.


An 80×120 shower enclosure lends itself to various solutions, the most popular is undoubtedly the replacement of the bathtub with the insertion of a shower enclosure (which we also talked about here). The possibility of exploiting the large spaces of a bathtub to insert a different and equally comfortable solution is a tempting opportunity for an 80×120 shower enclosure. Thus, the length of the bathtub should be fully exploited. The leftover space can therefore become a home for other elements, such as a piece of furniture, a washing machine or a dryer (or both!).


Relax has provided various solutions, to allow you to take advantage of these unique spaces, enhancing even these forgotten surfaces in practicality and everyday life.

80×120 shower enclosure: the recommended openings

What are the ideal openings for an 80×120 cm shower enclosure? The solutions are different, suitable for one or more particular situations that require them.


An 80×120 cm shower cubicle can be inserted without problems in a small/medium sized bathroom. The typical asymmetrical nature of this model broadens its range of action: comfortable, both with the entrance on the short side and on the longer side, leaving considerable freedom of movement inside.


The openings that we have selected, among the preferable ones for a bathroom with a shower cubicle of this size, are:


  • Sliding door: takes full advantage of the longer side and therefore allows an easy and safe entrance.
  • Pivoting door: effective door if there are obstructions on the wall.
  • Hinged door: classic and timeless, suitable for more “airy” spaces.
  • Walk-in: simple and refined, for those who love the freedom of a shower without the door.


All Relax shower enclosures are characterized by certification TÜV SÜD, completely Made in Italy and available in different sizes and finishes.

Sliding door, Axia SF+F

Axia SF+F is an integral part of the Axia collection, a series of shower enclosures and bathtub screens that stand out for the transparency of the glass. Axia SF+F is particularly characterized by a distinctly industrial style, which enhances the internal mechanisms that move the sliding door. In the 80×120 cm dimensions, the possibility of sliding the door on a track considerably reduces the overall dimensions.

Sliding shower enclosure 80x120

Pivoting door, Kubik PA+F

The shower enclosures of the Kubik collection stand out for their unparalleled minimalism. With a support bar integrated in the upper profile and the characteristic pivoting door, with inward and outward opening, the Kubik collection becomes practical and elegant. Kubik PA+F is distinguished by a double fixed side, which allows wall or furnishing elements to be installed, even on the side of the door.

Pivoting door corner shower enclosure 80x120

Hinged door, Light PA+F3

Light PA+F3 is a corner shower enclosure with hinged door. The Light collection is immediately recognizable due to the lack of the structural frame, an element which, if missing, visually lightens our shower enclosure. The hinged door thus proves to be a precious ally for the 80×120 cm shower cubicle, managing to exploit all the space available, with remarkable internal comfort.

Corner shower enclosure with hinged door 80x120

Walk-in, Wall A

The walk-in shower enclosure is, for simplicity of installation and practicality of use, one of the preferred solutions for a minimal and functional bathroom. Wall A is always supplied with a support bar matching the profiles, an elegant way of combining the different components of the shower enclosure. The Wall collection stands out for its minimalism and ease of use, from walk-in shower enclosures to those with matching door.

Walk-in shower enclosure 80x120

80×120 shower enclosure: conclusions

Thanks to the various solutions offered, an 80×120 shower enclosure covers a wide range of needs. The large spaces that an 80×120 cm shower enclosure can provide are the result of research and design, with the result obtained of containing the overall dimensions to the maximum, to enjoy a comfortable shower enclosure.

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