Bedroom shower enclosure: tips and suggestions

Bedroom shower enclosure: tips and suggestions
Corner sliding door shower enclosure in the bedroom

Among the latest living trends of the moment, that of creating a bathroom with a walk-in shower directly in the bedroom is one of the most popular. Let’s find out why together 👇

Bedroom shower enclosure: dimensions

When opting for a bathroom in the bedroom, the spaces must first be considered. The available space will make the difference between the separation of the environments and their union.


One of the solutions that is most used is to subtract useful surface from the room in order to obtain the minimum space necessary to obtain the bathroom. This is a solution in which the bathroom with shower enclosure is in the bedroom and the actual bedroom own coexist amiably.


As a second option, it is possible to build two separate places, let communicate only by an opening in the wall or a dividing wall. This is a solution that does not take away space from the bedroom, but expands and enriches it.


In a bedroom with bathroom project, when the pre-existing situation allows it, it is always good to do a preliminary check on the minimum spaces that our bathroom needs. In fact, a shower cubicle in the bedroom needs a place with a minimum surface area where you can organize essential bedroom and bathroom furniture.

Semicircular walk-in shower enclosure in the bedroom

Walk-in shower enclosure in the bedroom

Create the bathroom with a shower enclosure in the bedroom? The best solutions


  • Room with a view. He doesn’t mean a view that points directly outside the building, but into the bedroom. This solution integrates perfectly with the surrounding environment.


  • Corner shower enclosure in bedroom. When the bedroom is not large, the solution is to insert a corner shower cubicle next to the bed.


  • Shower cabin behind the bed. The penultimate and most scenographic method involves the headboard of the bed resting on the glass of a shower cubicle with the entrances at the ends. A particular solution that requires large spaces.


  • Shower enclosure with dividing wall. Solution in vogue in the hotel industry. The dividing wall allows you to obtain as much privacy as possible in an open and shared environment.

Bathroom with walk-in shower in the bedroom: advantages and disadvantages


  • Benefits
    • Optimization of internal spaces. Many houses do not have the possibility of inserting a bathroom directly into the bedroom, very often they are ad hoc solutions designed before building a house or during renovation. The proposed solutions make it possible to understand how to make the two environments coexist without obtaining a made-to-measure one.
    • Enhancement of the property. A second bathroom will certainly increase the value of the reference property, appealing to potential buyers.
    • Unmatched comfort. The comfort that an en-suite bathroom can give is unmatched. Seeing is believing!


  • Disadvantages
    • None!
Shower enclosure with sliding door in the niche in the bedroom

Sliding shower enclosure in the bedroom

The Relax shower enclosures: the trendiest solutions of the moment

The bathroom in the bedroom means that the shower enclosure must be perfectly integrated with the environment. The shower enclosure , in this case, is essential. It must be: functional and elegant at the same time . Thanks to their technical and aesthetic characteristics, the Relax shower enclosure is able to satisfy any need. From walk-in solutions, to space-saving products, very useful in contexts where every centimeter is vital, the Relax shower enclosure models are so many and useful, so as to allow each person to be able to choose the favorite and the most suitable. Each Relax shower enclosure is then TÜV certified, an added value that makes every shower enclosure a quality shower enclosure . The Relax shower enclosures have an elegant design with metal profiles that create particular visual effects, in this case they match perfectly with a modern furnishing style, those who prefer a more classic environment can opt for a more traditional box model. shower.

With regard to glass, Relax guarantees pleasant aesthetic effects. For those who prefer a complete view of the environment, can choose transparent glass , those instead wants to ensure a good level of privacy, it will be oriented towards the frosted glass .

Cover B1

  • Equipped with a fully customizable color hinge and handle
  • Hinge designed with lift. A practical and elegant way to best preserve the seals from wear
  • Aesthetic elegance enhanced by the absence of screws on the wall profile
  • Easy to assemble and clean

Luxor 140A

  • Aesthetics enhanced by an asymmetrical walk-in, one of a kind
  • With solid surface shower tray, restorable, hygienic material, characterized by a soft touch surface
  • The support bar can also be equipped with the shower head to optimize space

Axia SC1

  • Shower enclosure featuring 8mm thick glass with an exposed sliding rail.
  • Axia has the option of adding a soft-close system for slow and safe closing at the end of the leaf stroke.
  • A release located on the door simplifies cleaning enormously.

Steam B1+F

  • Shower enclosure conceived and designed to bring the Turkish bath directly into your home.
  • It is completed with a steam generator up to 3.5 kw that can be controlled directly from a touch-screen panel located outside the shower cubicle.
  • Internal space that can be equipped with a bluetooth adapter and led for chromotherapy inside the shower cubicle

Pure SF+F

  • Elegant and refined shower enclosure with small size profiles.
  • Coloured and interchangeable upper decorative profile. Customizable in different colors available in the catalogue.

Smart A+A

  • Shower enclosure with sliding opening available in different sizes and variants.
  • It is a pre-assembled product that can be positioned very quickly
  • The different color finishes of the profiles and glasses make it perfect for many different environments


A bedroom with attached bathroom has a truly unique charm as well as being highly functional. An excellent idea for a bathroom project in the room comes from hotel rooms. Creating a bathroom in the room is possible even when there are no walls to divide the 2 rooms. From a regulatory point of view, there are no major impediments. With the support of a technician, everything will be very simple. The pleasure of being able to pass without drafts from the shower to the blankets is priceless.

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