Shower enclosure in the bedroom: tips and suggestions

Shower enclosure in the bedroom: tips and suggestions
Corner sliding door shower enclosure in the bedroom

The latest trend in living is to create a bathroom with a shower enclosure in the bedroom, in order to meet the needs of each person, that is to say that it is 2 steps from the bed, that it is exclusively personal, practical, with all the privacy you need.

How to create a bathroom with shower in the bedroom

To create a bathroom in the room , you need to have enough space if the idea is to separate the 2 rooms . How can you separate the bathroom from the bedroom? There are various solutions that can be adopted. It is the possibility of subtracting useful surface from the room in order to obtain the minimum space necessary to obtain the bathroom. In this case, partitions (brick or plasterboard), glazing with sliding doors, combinations of the latter (low walls with glazing) will be used.

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It is possible to build stable partition walls leaving the openings on the sides of the room free, making the two rooms communicate . The division using the wings is advisable when the presence of only the shower cubicle is foreseen. In fact, if the square meters are scarce, only the shower enclosure will have to be included in the project. A bedroom with attached bathroom has a truly unique charm as well as being highly functional. An excellent idea for the bathroom project in the room comes from hotel rooms.

The legislation

Let’s move on to analyze the regulatory aspect. The legislation on the matter is very clear: an en-suite bathroom is allowed only in the case of a second bathroom . Therefore, the house must already be equipped with a special room, otherwise the certificate of habitability cannot be received. In general terms, the bathroom must respect the minimum height (generally variable between 180 and 240 cm). The bathroom can also be built when there is no window. In this case, the room must be equipped with a ventilation system. According to Italian legislation, the bedroom must have a minimum size which, in case of splitting, must be respected, namely:


  • Single bedroom at least 9mq
  • Comfortable double bedroom 14sqm

The minimum size for a bathroom with shower in the bedroom

For the project of a bedroom with bathroom, especially if you start from an existing situation, it is good to check that there are minimum spaces to obtain:


  • A comfortable bathroom
  • The minimum area to organize the bedroom


The minimum dimensions indicated above of a traditional bedroom have been specified in article 2 of Ministerial Decree of 5 July 1975. Furthermore, the minimum height of 270cm must be respected (for municipalities over 1000 meters high, the minimum height must be 255 meters). In addition to the dimensional value, attention must also be paid to the distribution of the furnishings and the shape of the room . In fact, the bed must be positioned in such a way as to guarantee a passage of at least 60cm along the long sides, and 90cm along the short one, to facilitate the passage of people.

Semicircular walk-in shower enclosure in the bedroom

Walk-in shower enclosure in the bedroom

The work start procedures

Bathing in the room is a significant structural change, which also needs to be formalized at the bureaucratic level. Once we have verified the feasibility of the project, you must submit a DIA to the municipality of residence, accompanied by the signature of a technician. Once the changes have been made, we will then have to submit them to the land registry office.

The most practical solutions to create a bathroom with shower in the bedroom


  1. Room with a view . In this case we do not mean a view outside, but inside the bedroom. The bathroom with shower, toilet and sink unit is one with the bedroom.
  2. Rectangular shower enclosure in the room . For a small bedroom, a solution is to insert a rectangular shower next to the bed. The shower enclosure will be a sort of small space in its own right.
  3. Corner shower enclosure in the room . The corner shower is easier to install even in the smallest bedrooms. A corner shower does not take up too much space and can be placed in any corner of the room.
  4. Shower enclosure behind the bed . Another proposal to have a shower cubicle in the room is to place the shower cubicle behind the bed. The headboard of the bed must be positioned near the glass of the shower and the entrances will be on the side.
  5. Shower enclosure with partition wall . For those who want a shower integrated into the bedroom environment but also a minimum of privacy, it is possible to insert a small dividing wall. In this way you can take advantage of the shower in the room and at the same time not be seen by the partner who is in bed.
  6. Shower enclosure in the attic room . In this type of housing solution, the en-suite bathroom is ideal. The coverings will be in wood.

Bathroom with shower enclosure in the bedroom: pros and cons


  • PRO
    • Allows you to make better use of space . There are houses with very large bedrooms, which are not adequately exploited. You can evaluate the possibility of optimizing space by creating a bathroom reserved for one room, to ensure greater livability for the house as a whole
    • Greater value for the home . If there is a second bathroom, the value of the house increases considerably.
    • Greater convenience . The possibility of having a bathroom in the room, to be shared with another person, greatly increases the comfort and peace of the home


    • Need to stack the new bathroom . If the bathroom is built in an existing apartment or house, we should modify the cadastral maps.
Shower enclosure with sliding door in the niche in the bedroom

Sliding shower enclosure in the bedroom

The shower tray and the shower enclosure opening system

Once the systems have been precisely defined, you can begin to choose the position of the shower. The first aspect to consider is the size and shape of the shower tray . The latter, generally, is square, rectangular or semicircular in shape. In addition to the shower tray, a further element that affects the choice of the shower enclosure is the bulk generated by the opening of the doors. For those who have little walkable space, doors that open inwards or with folding or sliding doors are recommended .

The Relax shower enclosures: the trendiest solutions of the moment

The bathroom in the bedroom means that the shower cubicle must be perfectly integrated with the environment. The shower enclosure , in this case, is essential. It must be: functional and elegant at the same time . Thanks to their technical and aesthetic characteristics, the Relax shower enclosure is able to satisfy any need. From walk-in solutions, to space-saving products, very useful in contexts where every centimeter is vital, the Relax shower enclosure models are so many and useful, so as to allow each person to be able to choose the favorite and the most suitable. Each Relax shower enclosure is then TÜV certified, an added value that makes every shower enclosure a quality shower enclosure . The Relax shower enclosures have an elegant design with metal profiles that create particular visual effects, in this case they match perfectly with a modern furnishing style, those who prefer a more classic environment can opt for a more traditional box model. shower.

With regard to glass, Relax guarantees pleasant aesthetic effects. For those who prefer a complete view of the environment, can choose transparent glass , those instead wants to ensure a good level of privacy, it will be oriented towards the frosted glass .

The Relax models to be inserted in a bathroom with shower enclosure in the bedroom

Cover B1

  • Hinge and handle completely customizable in color
  • The hinge has been designed with the riser so that, with a shower tray flush with the floor, the opening and closing of the door does not wear out the gasket positioned underneath to prevent water from escaping
  • The aesthetic elegance is enhanced by the absence of screws on the wall profile
  • Precisely this possibility makes the shower enclosure easy to assemble and clean
corner shower enclosure with pre-assembled double sliding door

Luxor 140A

  • Aesthetics enhanced by an asymmetrical walk-in, one of a kind
  • With solid surface shower tray, restorable, hygienic material, characterized by a soft touch surface
  • The support bar can also be equipped with the shower head to optimize space
corner semicircular walk-in shower enclosure

Axia SC1

  • Shower enclosure with 8mm glass: characterized by an external sliding rail. Compared to models usually present on the market, the sliding doors are smaller in size.
  • If you want a color variant, all the elements of the shower enclosure (sliding and release) are in the same color. A refined solution that is difficult to find usually on the market.
  • It is possible to add the soft-close for a slow, delicate and above all safe closing.
  • To facilitate cleaning, it is equipped with a special door release in its lower part.
black shower enclosure with sliding door in niche with black visible sliding system

Steam B1+F

  • Relax has the client’s well-being as its goal. This product in particular is designed to have a Turkish bath at home
  • Available in various versions to adapt to multiple situations
  • It is completed with the steam generator produced in Italy, usable with the touch panel or with a simple button, with the motor of different powers according to the internal space
  • Internal space that can be accessorized with bluetooth adapter and led for chromotherapy inside the shower cabin
shower enclosure for the Turkish bath with opening and fixed glass

Puro SF+F

  • Shower enclosure characterized by minimal and thin profiles
  • Thanks to the superior decorative profile, creating a chromatic link with other elements of the bathroom is no longer a problem, starting with the shower tray but also with two-colored taps, as well as the furniture
corner shower enclosure with polished steel profiles and transparent glass with sliding door

Smart A+A

  • Shower enclosure with sliding opening
  • Smart A + A is presented as a very reliable, tested and resistant product
  • It is assembled very quickly thanks to the fact that the opening door is pre-assembled
corner shower enclosure with pre-assembled double sliding door


A bedroom with attached bathroom has a truly unique charm as well as being highly functional. An excellent idea for a bathroom project in the room comes from hotel rooms. Creating a bathroom in the room is possible even when there are no walls to divide the 2 rooms. From a regulatory point of view, there are no major impediments. With the support of a technician, everything will be very simple. The pleasure of being able to pass without drafts from the shower to the blankets is priceless.

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