Shower enclosure configurator

Follow the instructions to find the Relax shower enclosure for your needs. In a few simple steps, you will find the perfect solution for you.

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1. Select the type of shower enclosure

What is the shape of the shower enclosure you want? Choose from the existing types.

Corner (or double-sided) shower enclosures are the most common shower enclosures, with two sides placed on a corner of the bathroom. All the Relax collections have developed this theme.

The niche shower enclosures (or shower enclosures on one side), embedded between three walls arranged in a C, have only one open side; they are ideal if there is a natural niche, or they can be custom made.

The walk-in shower walls are minimal and essential, with immediate access because they have no door. Some of them are modular.

In multiple models, the bath screens transform the bathtub into a perfect shower enclosure, a solution particularly appreciated by families with children and by hospitality structures.

The semicircular, round or asymmetrical shower enclosures are ideal for small bathrooms. They are available in different Relax collections, with hinged opening or with sliding doors.

The three-sided shower enclosures (also called center-wall) are very versatile in terms of models, types of openings and styles and in fact they are an option available