Box doccia con anta scorrevole in nicchia

Shower enclosure with sliding door

Selection guide Shower enclosure with sliding door
Box doccia con anta scorrevole in nicchia

The shower enclosure with sliding doors consists of one or more fixed panels and one or more sliding panels, depending on the size of the shower compartment.

Sliding door: features

The sliding shower enclosure can be mounted in a niche, corner, 3 sides and 4 sides and is characterized by the glass that flows inside a rail thanks to special bearings, positioned in the inner part of the profile and usually mounted on sight. To ensure a smooth movement, the best bearings are steel and teflon, like those used by Relax on all models. Normally, once the shower enclosure is assembled, the bearings are adjustable to improve the sliding of the door. Sometimes, the sliding is enhanced, as in the Axia model of Relax, with a bar of reduced size compared to the average to offer a technical and light style. In some models, on the contrary, the bearings are masked, together with the track on which they move, with an internal profile. It is an aesthetic choice, which makes the design more refined, and also practical because it prevents dirt, and cleaning is easier and faster. As an example, we recommend the Puro, Unico and Evox models by Relax.

Sliding shower enclosures differ depending on whether they are with frame or without frame at the bottom (both at the top have a profile to accommodate sliding bearings). The sliding shower enclosure with frame provides, in the lower part, the same profile positioned at the top and two other bearings integrated with the mechanism for the release of the door. The sliding shower enclosure without frame, however, has at the bottom only a thinner profile, which guides the sliding of the door.

Sliding door: accessories

There are versions of sliding doors with soft close, or a soft closing system that slows down the closing of the door to prevent it from slamming. It is proposed in shower cabins with dimensions starting from 120 cm, that is in the case of corner box with door and a fixed or niche box. In the case of angular with two doors the dimensions, usually reduced, are not technically suitable for this solution.

Some models provide the possibility of releasing the door to unlock the glass from the bottom and leave it anchored at the top to clean the glass more easily. For example, in Relax we offer it when special dimensions are required, which involve the overlap between the fixed door and the sliding door.

Advantages of the sliding door

The shower enclosures with a sliding door offer absolute freedom in the size to choose from because you can satisfy them all by easily managing the fixed side. They are a solution without doors that take up space in the rest of the room and without dripping outside the shower cabin as well as being well airtight, especially when there is the lower frame.

When to avoid sliding door

The solution with sliding doors reduces the access space. It must therefore be considered that the structure composed of profiles, fixed glass and overlapping of the glass will at least halve the actual entrance area. For this reason, the sliding door in a niche is not recommended when the side to be used has a length of less than 100 cm. Another element that can lead to discourage this choice is the use of aluminium frames, intrusive from the aesthetic point of view.