New Saia shower tray

New Saia shower tray
New white Saia shower tray with central drain

The vast choice of Relax shower trays is enriched. A range that offers different finishes and colors to match the characteristics of your bathroom. These include the new Saia shower tray, characterized by a customized central drain.

What is twill?

Twill is a type of fabric characterized by a diagonal weave. Diagonal weft is created by the arrangement of warp and weft threads, which alternate regularly and form an oblique pattern. This type of fabric can be made from a variety of materials, including cotton, wool, and silk, and is often used to make suits, trousers, jackets, and coats. Twill is resistant, durable and elastic, it is appreciated for its soft and smooth texture, an important value for a relief fabric.

Twill fabric texture

Twill, with a strong diagonal weave.

Saia, shower tray with central drain

Saia is composed of mineral resins and Gel Coat, which makes it extremely resistant, long-lasting and easy to clean. Furthermore, thanks to the non-slip and antibacterial material with which it is made, it offers a high level of safety during use. The typical central drain of the Saia shower tray favors the rapid dispersion of excess water, guaranteeing a more comfortable shower experience. Here are its features:


  • Height 2.5 cm
  • Mineral resins and gel-coats
  • With dedicated central drain
  • Can be cut on site
  • Recoverable
  • Downloaded below with ribs
  • Available in standard and custom sizes
Saia white shower tray drain

Personalized central drain cover by Saia.

The exclusivity of a linear shower tray

A linear shower tray, with a central drain that develops vertically, can add a touch of elegance and modernity to the bathroom. The exclusivity of the design is found in the linearity of the shape, which merges with the central drain, creating a unique visual harmony. While the option of having the shower tray available in two different colours, white and anthracite, allows you to adapt the shower tray to the specific design needs of the bathroom. The choice of colours also allows you to create a chromatic contrast with the rest of the bathroom or to opt for a tone on tone that integrates in a unique way with the other elements present. The white tone can create a minimalist and clean effect, anthracite is perfect for creating an elegant and refined atmosphere.

New anthracite-colored saia shower tray

Anthracite color, top view.

Stone effect texture

Saia stands out for its unrivaled durability and resistance and that is why we were inspired by such a vigorous weave. Thanks to the protective layer of gel-coat that covers it, this shower tray is characterized by extraordinary resistance, which significantly extends its life over time.



The surface of a shower tray like Saia recalls the natural beauty of stone, always remaining soft and delicate. An elegant furnishing option that becomes a design element, thanks to its texture that accurately reproduces the variety of typical nuances of natural stone. The resulting tactile sensation is extremely pleasant and comfortable, the guarantee of a shower with a unique and pleasantly relaxing sensory experience.

Stone texture new Saia shower tray

Stone effect texture, delicate and soft on the skin.

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Discover the new Saia shower tray

Discover Saia on the dedicated page directly on our website. You will find a lot of useful information and insights. Look at the assembly instructions and technical data sheets to get to know Saia in preview, by directly accessing the download</a) page >!

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Download area.

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