All bathroom trends: Salone del Mobile 2022

All bathroom trends: Salone del Mobile 2022
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For some time now, the bathroom has no longer been a utility room and the Salone Internazionale del Bagno tells us about a functional and design room where the functions enriched by technological systems make it more and more an island of well-being.


The evolution and innovation of the bathroom have made it a fundamental environment in interior design projects. Design now dialogues with practicality, harmony, elegance, relaxation.

Among bathroom trends there is certainly a new way of understanding spaces

The two pandemics have changed our lifestyle. Current living has evolved in the name of sustainability. With regard to bathroom trends, the names outlined are very precise:


1)  Customization

2)  Wellness

3)  Functionality


The world of the bathroom, like the rest of the rooms in the house, is becoming increasingly ecological and in perfect harmony with nature. The bathroom is therefore filled with plants and green corners. If you want to read our in-depth analysis on plants in the bathroom, you can find it here.

Bathroom trends 2022 green plants and wood

Green and wood protagonists.

The bathroom seen at the Milan Show is the perfect synthesis between technology and well-being

Personalization is a leitmotif of the current bathroom, everything can be customized according to the characteristics of the room and the customer’s needs.


The materials pass under the lens of sustainability:

  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Marble


The colors are soft for timeless elegance.

Here, then, among the bathroom trends are pastel colors with reassuring shades to convey feelings of relaxation. Or lively and energizing colors to create a vibrant atmosphere. Orange tones declined in various shades are very fashionable. They are the real color novelty. They range from bright orange to burnt orange and terracotta.


Technology takes center stage in today’s bathroom.

To make us experience contact with water in the best possible way while respecting the environment. The bathroom features the most modern technologies to allow for maximum well-being. With a voice command it is possible to activate multi-sensory experiences. From the showers that transmit relevant sounds, emanating steam complete with a natural rain effect up to the enveloping and comfortable bathtubs.

Bathroom trends 2022 pastel colors

Pastel colours.

Bathtub or shower?

Everyone can choose the solution that best suits their tastes. Among the main trends we find the shower head integrated into the ceiling inside the light point, which offers an incomparable scenic effect. At the same time the tub is large and customizable and of every shape.


The mirrors are of the latest generation.

They not only have the function of reflecting an image but also serve to adjust the intensity of the light or the setting of the favorite playlist.

New generation mirrors Salone del Mobile 2022

Mirrors, from the simplest to the most “demanding”, were among the protagonists.

Functionality linked to water and energy saving

In the sustainable bathroom, traditional lights give way to LED lamps which, in addition to lasting longer, consume about 80% less energy.


Innovative and Eco-Friendly designer radiators are not just furnishing elements but help maintain the desired temperature with minimal energy consumption.


Water is a precious commodity and its use must be increasingly careful. At the Salone Internazionale del Bagno, innovative proposals were presented to counteract water waste. From sanitary ware with reduced flush to intelligent mixers equipped with cartridges with flow and temperature limiters. Low flow shower heads also allow you to reduce the amount of water used.

International bathroom exhibition hall 2022

International Bathroom Exhibition 2022.

Among the bathroom trends, great space is given to geometries in bathroom furniture, to lines but also to curved shapes that combine with a clean design that enhances colors – materials – textures. Attention to the environment also passes through bathroom furniture that uses green finishes, natural stones and recycled materials.


From being marginal, the bathroom accessory becomes the protagonist and communicates on a par with the other elements that make up the environment. Great attention to the colors of the accessories capable of enhancing the feeling of well-being to be experienced in this room.

Round sink with red wall and red tiles

Great space for new geometries and colours.

What’s left of this Salone del Mobile

The International Bathroom Exhibition confirms the evolution of this environment which is becoming increasingly digital, efficient and green oriented without however forgetting the emotional aspect of the bathroom. Technological innovation is increasingly a friend of comfort and efficiency:
at the service of well-being and health.

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