How was the Relax stand born?

How was the Relax stand born?
Stand Relax Salone

Is it possible to bring out the propensity for innovation of a company from a stand? Let’s find out together how the Relax stand was born and evolved in recent months.

The spaces

Great attention was immediately paid to the exhibition spaces, but not only. The beating heart of this Salone del Mobile, for the entire duration of the trade fair, will be the visitor. And it is precisely the human side that prompted the designers to adopt technical solutions aimed at improving the stay at the Relax stand. A path designed to accompany the visitor into the company reality, through an exhibition with attention to the smallest details, capable of captivating the sight of those who walk through the central corridors of the pavilion.


A nominal size of 100 sq m 2 in which the guest should, and can, feel comfortable with her. The central corridors, which cross the stand from one side to the other, allow for an easy visit, with considerable space between the products, to be able to view them with all the necessary attention.

relax spaces salone del mobile

The spaces, essential for an easy visit.


An important part of corporate communication passes from the choice of colors, always important, to convey values that are consistent with the Relax philosophy.


The blue. The main color of Relax, it is its foundation and continuum with the company’s projects. It represents water, in its purest and simplest form.


The green. Winks at sustainability, pillar of the Relax philosophy and commitment to a better future. It will be accompanied by some textural sections, made of wood.


The lime. It transmits liveliness and passion, the one that has always distinguished us. Introduced with the recent catalogue, it will also accompany us at this Salone del Mobile, as a companion, in the new information brochures.

Colors stand relax salone del mobile

Colors, foundation of the Relax philosophy.


At the basis of the project and the idea, the exhibition space was born with the desire to encounter a sensitive issue, such as that of sustainability.


The facts underline Relax’s commitment towards a more sustainable future: technical precautions such as the use of completely recyclable materials in our products and the use of paints that are not harmful to the environment for our catalogs are reasons for pride and starting point for an exhibition stand that lives up to the commitment made.


For this reason, we have chosen to use motifs that recall nature, from the wallpaper behind our shower cubicles to the walls decorated with herbaceous motifs.

Relax sustainability

Sustainability, an important element for the company.

Focus on products

A targeted exhibition, which aims to involve the viewer in the particularity of the products on display. Many different openings for as many different products, united by the same passion of those who, in Relax, have been designing, producing and exhibiting shower enclosures for almost 20 years now.


Many profiles and glass finishes, to celebrate the color and liveliness of an event that returns to its splendor after a two-year break.


There are several novelties that will be presented this year, among we all mention the entire Oblique collection. Bathroom accessories that include, among other things, Oblique MV, a patented shelf that supports the shower cubicle in the absence of the support bar.


New solutions with soft-close, such as Evox, the new Relax collection, which uses a slow closing of the door, to close the shower cubicle in complete safety.

Stand Relax Salone del mobile 2022

Focus on products, novelties in the first place.

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