Discover the new Relax 2022/2023 corporate video

Discover the new Relax 2022/2023 corporate video

We were inspired by our territoriality and the pride we feel in representing it in the conception and creation of this new corporate video that will accompany us in 2023. Discover all its secrets here 👇

Emotion in Motion

“What would you like to do today?”. This is the common thread that accompanies us throughout this video, a set of voice messages, in a group of friends, asked to answer this question. The vocal responses, different from each other, are accompanied by a visual image which helps to understand the meaning of the speech. Visually proposing a sense of tranquillity, contentment and relaxation, there is a clear reference to the company name, in a complete closing circle.

Corporate video Relax 2022/2023

The voice message, leitmotiv of the video

Direction intentions: between musicality and tone of voice

Particular attention has been paid to the audio sector, especially to the choice of musicality. The entire narrative is supported by an important soundtrack. Particularly relevant is the ascending climax that rises up to the final sequence, a moment in which Relax unfolds in its purest form. Voice messages and soundtrack continue for the duration of the movie. A fruitful and convincing parallel that involves up to the final lines.


The tone of voice in this corporate video takes its cue from the company name and develops with it to outline an engaging and elegant narrative, which lends itself well to the images displayed on the screen. The pressing rhythm helps to mark the time and, leaving room for the story to be told, continues in its own track, with the same initial tonality and with the calmness and relaxation typical of a friendly conversation .

The locations

The choice of locations, with the aim of showing the natural places that fill our territories, was simple, in the light of the charm that surrounds them. In fact, for this institutional video, three places were chosen, each including a particularity that would specify the complexity and diversity of the Italian territory. All three, an integral part of the beauties of the Veneto, a place where Relax has been working with passion for almost 20 years now.

The chosen locations evoke Italian spirit

The aim of the corporate video

To conclude, the initial incipit, of a institutional video that could tell the story of the company and its values, giving space to people, is brilliantly achieved. The short film manages to enhance the points highlighted, winking at a valuable product, such as a quality shower enclosure, completely Italian-made and certified by TÜV SUD.

Climax on the final scene

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