Contemporary style

With relax products, you can interpret your bathroom in a contemporary style. Just a few tricks that we illustrate in this section are needed, accompanied by examples to watch, dream, realize together.

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Contemporary: simple elements, linear shapes, contrasting colors.

A space made dynamic and welcoming at the same time, where different components blend together in a harmonious and elegant way. The contemporary style is distinguished by simple elements of modern taste, contrasting colors, linear shapes. It can be considered the opposite of the vintage genre.

The light as protagonist of contemporary style

Very often there can be a play of lights between the different materials that make up the furniture, in a continuous dialogue between opposite. Light is the protagonist of this style: the way in which t knows how to emphasize the shapes, edges and roundness is almost magical.

Geometrical plays to enrich the bathroom.

Nothing forbids to play with shapes, creating bold patterns in their simplicity. The alternation of different geometries enriches the spaces because it gives a sense of depth to the different elements used, in a composition that seem to be arranged on several levels as it happens in the image with Light AB+AB.

Minimal and refined aesthetics for the contemporary bathroom.

A bathroom in contemporary style is distinguished by the perception of the spaces, very often enhanced by a minimal, refined and materials-conscious aesthetic. Natural colours blend into a whole new dimension, made of tactile perceptions and contrasts.

Essentiality and functionality of the bathroom furniture.

The aim of contemporary style is to remove the superfluous. It recalls the geometry of the room with furniture that does not interrupt the linearity of the environments. The elements are reduced to the essentials, arranged to be easy to reach.