How to cut a shower tray: complete guide

How to cut a shower tray: complete guide
Cutting shower tray with circular saw

Today, cutting a shower tray is a common and affordable solution for everyone. The cuttable shower trays offer a quick and easy solution to make the most of the available spaces in your bathroom. Composed mostly of mineral resins, they are resistant throughout their life and completely restorable in the event of small accidents during the cutting phase.

Cutting a shower tray: why?

Today, the cuttable shower trays represent a mix of practicality, beauty and design that are inextricably linked with the bathroom furnishings, creating a comfortable space. The choice of objects for the bathroom must be oriented towards functionality, without neglecting aesthetics and design. If you are looking for a custom-sized shower enclosure, then the cuttable shower tray is the ideal choice. This type of shower tray is completely customizable in terms of size and shape, ensuring perfect adaptation to your needs.


In fact, not all shower trays can be considered standard in size, sometimes they require customization due to obstacles such as pillars or particular recesses in the bathroom that prevent the installation of a shower tray of common dimensions. In some cases, there may be the need to use corners with an unconventional radius, while in other cases particular cuts may be required. A cuttable shower tray offers different range of solutions, which manage to meet even the most specific needs.


The Relax shower trays are not only extremely easy to transport and handling thanks to their lightness. They are, in fact, unloaded for greater flexibility and reinforced with ribs which significantly increase their resistance. They are also distinguished by the possibility of being cut directly on site and by the precious certification TÜV SÜD which affirms their material qualities.

White colored wet shower tray with person walking on top

What tools to use?

There are two different ways to go: you can rely on a professional worker who will certainly be able to cut the shower tray with precision and skill, or opt for a “do-it-yourself” solution that we recommend only to those who are familiar with the tools to use. If you are into the second case, we advise you to continue reading


After this brief introduction, here are the tools you will need:


  • A card, with pencil and a ruler
  • Protective glasses to protect you from splinters and any dust
  • Work gloves that will give you a firmer grip on tools
  • A mask, to avoid inhaling the resins during the cutting phase
  • A circular saw with a 3mm blade
  • A workbench or stable support
  • A spray bottle full of water to wet the disc and lower its temperature
Cutting corner shower tray with circular saw

Cutting a shower tray: how to proceed

Once you’ve made sure you have everything you need, let’s proceed with cutting the actual shower tray. Follow the steps:



1. Carefully take the measurements of the space in which you will have to insert the shower tray. Make sure they are accurate for best results.


2. Draw on the cardboard the shape of your shower tray and the exact one of the cut to make. Pencil and ruler must be as precise as possible to avoid unpleasant surprises once the intervention has been carried out.


3. Now comes the most delicate phase of the whole process: the cut. The circular saw must follow the entire outer edge of the pencil marks and never stop (the risk is that of creating smudges or imperfections having to start again). Go slowly and use water to cool the disc, which may otherwise overheat. Help yourself by leaning beforehand on a workbench or equivalent for maximum stability.


4. Once the shower tray has been cut, make sure you insert it against the wall so that the cut parts are not visible. The latter will not be finished like the rest of the shower tray and can remain facing directly to the wall.

Custom made lake plus relax shower tray


Shower trays in mineral resins, in addition to being appreciated for their resistance, softness and hygienic properties by the owners, are also appreciated by architects and installers, because, with the simple possibility of cutting on site, they demonstrate unparalleled flexibility in the world of the bathroom.


Have you ever chipped, damaged or simply dirty your shower tray while you were cutting it? Contact us to discover our shower tray repair kits: perfect for small repairs.

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