5 (+1) bathroom trends for 2023

5 (+1) bathroom trends for 2023
Bathroom with jungle wallpaper

The bathroom is one of the rooms inside the house where functionality and aesthetics coexist. Between confirmations and big news, the bathroom trends for 2023 speak for themselves. The 2023 bathroom furniture trends focus on materiality, shapes and colors, let’s discover them together 👇🏻

The charm of Nordic aesthetics

Minimalism: the Nordic style plays and stands out in this fundamental aesthetic variation. Today’s trend is dictated by pastel colours, increasingly present in the most famous collections and interior furnishings. In the bathroom in particular, the ceramics, with simple colors and geometries, stand out on everything, enhancing the surrounding elements.


Functionality and elegance are the elements that distinguish the extreme minimalism, typical of the Nordic style. Pure forms, with well-defined volumes, with few if not essential additions. The excellent reduction of the minimal style to the essentiality of things pushes 2023 towards a direction in which functionality and aesthetics find a meeting point in design.


Strong in functional shapes and geometries, the Nordic style adapts perfectly to a room such as the bathroom, reducing the overall dimensions and optimizing the spaces. One of the most fitting examples of recent times are bathroom furniture without drawers, with objects completely visible: one less element, for greater minimalism. The rediscovery of a simple and refined style passes through a rediscovered essentiality in shapes and functions.

Minimal total-white bathroom

Total white look.

Bathroom trends for 2023: plants for all tastes

Plants in the bathroom are certainly nothing new in 2023.With the beneficial properties they bring to humid environments and the ability to revive them in terms of color, plants are always preferred for indoor use. But, what will set the trend in 2023 will be designs inspired by nature.


The jungle style will be the undisputed protagonist of this 2023 bathroom trend. The decorations, such as wallpapers and tiles, will bring evocative images such as tropical trees and jungles into the home, with large green leaves and suggestive colours. This specific solution also meets the needs of those who, due to lack of space, cannot insert plants in the bathroom, still giving the possibility to admire the beauty of the jungle without having it at home.


Weaves and textures, between fabrics and materials of the furnishing components become co-protagonists in the jungle style. The linear and perfect materials, in terms of colors and finishes, will be outclassed by rougher and less worked textures. An example? Natural wood, which with its different and detailed veins manages very well to integrate into the thick green of the walls. But not only wood, also rattan and jute, which with their textures manage to connect us directly, through touch, to nature.

Bathroom with Jungle wallpaper, sink detail

Is this the year of jungle wallpaper?

Suspended furniture: among the 2023 bathroom trends

It is one of the trends that have been confirmed: the suspended furniture resists not only as a fashion, but as an affirmation of functionality and elegance among the 2023 bathroom trends. The increasingly frequent use of suspended furniture, especially in the bathroom, brings many advantages. Among all, the ease of cleaning, which, in the absence of a real ground base, becomes very simple. The solution of the suspended furniture, as well as for practicality, becomes essential in order to create a bathroom environment with attention to the smallest details, satisfying even the most demanding personalities, who seek vitality and dynamism within their own home environment.


At the basis of everything, there is the need to develop the environment in height, making full use of all the available spaces. Suspended furniture is in fact preferred by those who don’t have much space available. A panacea for those looking for organizational solutions with which to make the most of the interior spaces.

Suspended bathroom furniture

Suspended furniture, among the 2023 bathroom trends.

Soft and delicate geometries

Among the 2023 bathroom trends, furnishing accessories, accessories and furniture have moved towards soft and curved geometries. The linearity of squared and rigid shapes leaves space for the movement of curves and soft lines. The movement, which a curve can underlie, is therefore fundamental in creating a certain dynamism within environments that have always been static. The result of these experiments has repercussions in all the aspects of the bathroom, recreating an environment that makes of harmony its strong point.


The peculiarity of elements with soft lines, with rounded curves, is that they can be combined with elements with more linear and rigorous shapes and geometries. This is one of the true 2023 bathroom trends. The assonance between the two creates interesting contrasts that focus on the lightness and carefreeness of the soft and curved lines.


As for the softness of the lines, in the decorative sphere, the great return of the arches marks the change of times. From a simple wallpaper, to the more complex arch system to divide two rooms, the curvature of the lines traces the way forward in 2023.

Rounded arched bathroom mirror

Soft geometries and arches that return.

Bathroom trends for 2023: bright color palette

Color has always been an important part of the home, but why does it become fundamental in the bathroom? Because, with color alone it is possible to have the same environment in many different interpretations.


Following the 2023 bathroom trend of soft geometries, the desire for vitality and lightheartedness also pervades the bathroom in the color tones. The precise choice of combining the softness of the curves with colors that can enhance them is a winner: the pastel color thus finds a precious ally. Among the 2023 bathroom trends, soft, calm and never redundant colors, with colored shades yes, but softened by the very opacity of pastel shades, are driving forces not only for ceramics and coverings, but also for bathroom furnishings. The sheen that pastel colors can give to the bathroom is total, with color palettes ranging from pink to light blue, ranging from soft yellow.


A great classic, of timeless beauty, is white. Especially, if our environment is designed to be monochromatic. White, in itself, is not trendy for the 2023 bathroom itself, but it appears to be one of the timeless colours, which will always be fashionable and refined, especially in the world of sanitary ware. As far as walls, furniture, shower cubicles or bathtubs are concerned, since these elements take up the most space in the bathroom, they are the first to benefit from the color white: in fact, white gives brightness and visually makes the rooms larger.

Multicolored bathroom ceramics

Colors and brightness.

Bonus: asymmetry as a game changer

Strong and characterizing details, such as material irregularities or asymmetries in furnishings and coverings. This is our latest bathroom trend for 2023. What can give more vitality to an environment like the bathroom than an asymmetrical surface? A raw material can, in complete autonomy, design unique spaces and geometries. Seeing is believing!


Man has always been linked to symmetry as a set of unique characteristics that give a place in the house a certain familiarity. The concept of asymmetry wants, with the help of a functional and inclusive design, to give movement to a room that has been conceived as static and functional since the very beginning.

Furniture asymmetry bathroom

Does asymmetry give life to spaces?


From the movement of curved lines to the vitality of pastel colours, the 2023 bathroom trends tell us clearly which trends to follow during the year, to update or build a bathroom from scratch.

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