The ideal shower enclosure is elegant, functional, safe

The ideal shower enclosure
Axia ideal shower enclosure with polished profiles and corner sliding door

The term “Ideal” is generally associated with a model of perfection that is difficult to reach, devoid of defects, associated with a dream, a symbol of perfection.

When it comes to the ideal shower enclosure, the characteristics can be many, easily attributable to 3 fundamental aspects:


An ideal shower enclosure is above all elegant. It consists of elements that, without smudges or uncertainties, know how to combine the beauty of the material contact and the functionality of the components. A precise action, of marked simplicity: the elegance is not conspicuous, it is not noticeable unless requested. Harmony, on the other hand, predisposes elegance to the attentive eye of the observer, and is his faithful ally – mixing, coloring, modeling.

Corner shower enclosure with roof and integrated shower head


An ideal shower enclosure is also functional. It therefore consists of many elements capable of making it work flawlessly. The functionality may seem obvious, but it is not; it is what distinguishes the superfluous from the useful. The technical precautions that accompany an ideal shower enclosure are many and distinctive, each in its own way.

Pivot door shower cubicle ideal kubik


Finally, an ideal shower enclosure is safe. Safe because it indicates the absence of worries, safe because it has been tested countless times, safe because it is the result of many years of experience gained. The tempered glass ensures a shattering in complete safety, into many small pieces, which do not injure the person.

Tempered safety glass

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