Shower enclosure in tiny spaces? Find how!

Shower enclosure in tiny spaces? Find how!
Shower enclosure in confined spaces isometric view

Is it possible to fit a walk-in shower in a bathroom with limited space? Yes! But what are the most suitable openings for this type of bathroom? You will find that there are many solutions.

Small bathroom, what to do?

The size of the bathroom is fundamental in choosing the shower enclosure. And if the characteristics of our bathroom are enough to compromise the entry spaces (and exit) from the shower enclosure, how to proceed then? First of all we try to optimize the spaces surrounding our shower enclosure, perhaps by mounting furniture directly to the wall that does not lean on the floor or by using neutral colors (we also talked about it here). The choice of the shower enclosure is therefore fundamental in a confined space, but the most bulky element, if well thought out, will be able to positively re-evaluate all the surrounding spaces.

Enclosed shower enclosure in confined spaces with saloon doors

What are the best shower enclosures for a tiny bathroom?

Space-saving shower enclosures: discover them!

In a small bathroom, the difference is often made by the openings in the shower cubicle. So are there any restrictions on using certain shower enclosures? No. There are openings recommended for every situation and all certified TÜV SÜD (which guarantees their reliability over time) but the final decision always rests with those who use the bathroom environment. You will see how, with the same spaces occupied, certain openings will be much easier to manage than others.

Saloon doors

A shower enclosure, whether in a niche or in a corner, allows the introduction of folding doors, essential for maintaining the largest possible spaces for entry and exit. Saloon doors, so called due to the characteristic opening and closing (inwards and outwards) as in the most famous cowboy films, prove to be one of the most effective solutions for bathrooms with small dimensions.


One of the peculiarities of the Relax saloon doors is that they can be locked in position, always closing them perfectly. For more information on the most comfortable saloon door models for your bathroom, please refer to our dedicated page:

Shower enclosure in niche with saloon doors

Saloon doors in niche.

Folding doors

Shower enclosures with folding doors are among the most suitable for a small bathroom. The reason? The folding door (which can also be paired if necessary) closes completely on itself, giving the person occupying the bathroom full control of the surrounding spaces. This solution is one of the most popular for these reasons when choosing the shower enclosure.


Relax also offers solutions for its folding doors that are as functional as they are simple: the folding doors of the Lyra collection are designed in such a way as to slide entirely on a track hidden inside the upper profile, allowing the door to always remain in position. On the contrary, the folding doors of Light S1 are designed to make the door free to open in both directions: a choice that is not only aesthetic, but also, and above all, one of safety and cleanability. Do you want to discover the other Relax folding doors? Follow this link:

Niche shower enclosure with folding doors

Double folding doors.

Sliding doors

Shower enclosures with sliding doors are among the most “space-saving” ever! The peculiarity of sliding doors is precisely that they “slide” on a track placed on the frame, usually in the upper part. What happens? The sliding door will overlap the fixed one, allowing space for entry and exit easily.


Of all the solutions proposed, the sliding door succeeds better than any other in integrating itself into a small bathroom, whether in a corner or in a niche. Do you want to find out more about the shower enclosures with Relax sliding doors? Follow the link:

Shower enclosure in tiny spaces in niche with sliding door and black profiles

Sliding door in niche.

Shower enclosure in confined spaces: conclusions

It is important to choose a shower enclosure that can be adapted to the millimeter to ensure maximum use of the available space, especially in those confined spaces where each element is painstakingly designed and positioned. Furthermore, it is important to evaluate the solutions and possibilities offered by the many types of shower enclosures, which imply different ease of use and maintenance for each one. If the space in the bathroom is limited, it is therefore important to choose a shower cubicle that is easy to use and does not exclude space for other elements.

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