How to decorate the bathroom with accessories?

How to decorate the bathroom with accessories?
Overview black bathroom accessories

Furnishing the bathroom with elements that make its use pleasant is important. Bathroom accessories are very important in everyday life. To make sure you make the right choice, Relax presents you with some useful advice.

What are bathroom accessories?

These are objects that make the bathroom in our home more beautiful but above all more functional. Bathroom accessories are essential to be able to have what you need with maximum comfort. They are also a piece of furniture that can strongly characterize the style of the bathroom. Made of various materials, bathroom accessories are found in many shapes, finishes and colors, so that each of us can find the most suitable collection for our bathroom: classic or modern.

How to choose them?

Bathroom accessories must be coordinated with the style of your bathroom. To make our bathroom environment more personal and original, it is good to think about accessories in advance, if possible when designing the layout. Bathroom styles:


  • Classic
  • Modern
  • Design
  • Scandinavian
  • Industrial


Each of them needs adequate accessories to enhance it. For a modern bathroom you can opt for metal accessories, moreover if the bathroom is classic you can choose more decorative accessories. Those who, on the other hand, have a bathroom with wallpapers that recall nature can opt for wooden objects.

Minimal black and white bathroom accessories

Is style also important for accessories?

Where to place the bathroom accessories?

Now that we have found the accessories suitable for the style of our bathroom, we will have to decide where to place them.


It is essential to place the accessories in the correct place in order to make the room more tidy and comfortable. We have certainly chosen beautiful but above all functional accessories to be able to carry out normal hygiene operations in the best possible way. The accessories, therefore, must be placed in such a way as to allow for practical use. Each complement must be positioned carefully so that it can then be cleaned without too much difficulty. The Covid-19 experience has taught us the importance of cleanliness.

Bathroom accessories wall shelves and towel racks, on red wall

Where to place the accessories in the bathroom?

Bathroom accessories

But what are the most important bathroom accessories we are referring to?
The products are different:


  • The towel rack
  • The toilet paper holder
  • The toilet brush
  • The soap holder
  • The toothbrush holder
  • The mirror
  • The toothpaste holder
  • The Recycle Bin
  • Shower shelves


At this point it is clear that for bathroom furnishings, accessories undoubtedly play a leading role. Now we will talk about their placement so as not to reduce their effect.

Wall mounted bathroom accessories

What are the most important accessories?

The towel holder

In general we can say that in a bathroom there are at least three towels that are used:


  1. Next to the sink for drying hands and face
  2. Near the bath or shower
  3. Next to the bidet


These complements should be installed as close at hand as possible to avoid wetting the floor in an attempt to reach them. These accessories, absolutely essential, must necessarily adapt to the size of the bathroom and its style. Depending on the space in the bathroom, the towel rails can be:


  • Slash
  • Hook
  • Ring


In any case, the position will be close to the reference sanitary fixture, while the height will change according to the use of the towel. We remind you that to prevent our towels from remaining damp, they must be hung up. An elegant and very practical solution remains Oblique P, a towel holder to be placed outside the glass . An integral part of the Oblique collection, of which it recalls its essential features. It can be combined with Oblique MV, positioned externally to the glass, hooked to the latter . It takes up the same finishes as the collection, allowing for always coordinated combinations.

Oblique P placed outside the glass

Roll holder and toilet brush holder

This duo of bathroom accessories, absolutely essential, must be installed in the toilet and bidet area. For this reason it is good, given the proximity, that they are from the same collection. The roll holder should be positioned next to the toilet, so that it is easy to take. It is preferable that it has a height of 60-70 cm from the floor.


The toilet brush holder is usually positioned behind the toilet, always close at hand but a little more hidden. For design lovers, the floor lamps are very interesting and are also equipped with magazine holders and mobile phone stands.


In the panorama of toilet roll holders and toilet brush holders, Oblique PRS is an elegant and functional solution. It’s a toilet brush and paper holder all in one. Very comfortable for the combination of the two features that characterize it. Available in polished steel and brushed steel, it matches perfectly with the taps in the bathroom.

Oblique PR, wall roll holder in steel finish

Oblique PS, freestanding toilet brush holder in steel finish

Oblique PRS con doppia funzione di porta rotolo e porta scopino

Soap holder, toothbrush holder and shelves

Soap holder and toothbrush holder are bathroom accessories that should be placed no more than a couple of centimeters from the edge of the sink. The world of shelves, on the other hand, allows for a wider placement within the bathroom. The former can be free-standing or wall-mounted, while the latter can only be wall-mounted. Usually these accessories are offered in special sets or collections that recall their essential features. These accessories are available in different shapes, colors and materials to best match the style and characteristics of the bathroom. Let’s give some examples: one of them is Oblique M, the shelf for the modern bathroom. Stand-alone complement that can be an extra support in different situations inside the bathroom: it can be an additional shelf inside the shower or a service shelf inside the bathroom. Another example are the bathroom accessories such as toothbrush holders and bamboo soap holders, which adapt to the elegant bathroom; steel bathroom accessories are instead indicated for an industrial-style bathroom; while those in solid surface are perfect for a minimal Scandinavian-style bathroom.

Oblique M is the versatile shelf


Are mirrors needed a bit?
Anywhere but, for practicality, the one above the sink or the cabinet where you do your hair, make up or shave, it is indispensable. In addition to the simple ones, i.e. with the sole function of a mirror, you can choose multifunctional models. The latest generation digital mirrors are not just mirrors because they hide various functions in their structure. In fact, digital mirrors have various options that make them super functional:


  • Anti-fog system
  • Bluetooth to connect mobile phone and radio system to listen to music
  • Wake up system
  • System temperature in the room
Table mirror for bathroom

Vanity mirror

The designer bathroom accessories you don’t expect

  • Baskets.
    Waste bins are another important bathroom accessory. Today it is necessary to place a bin in our bathroom that contains waste that cannot be discharged into the WC. We suggest the classic waste bins with pedal opening and available in the most varied shapes, colors and materials. Many of these can be recognized for their unusual shapes and colours, with an increasingly sophisticated design.


  • Oblique MV.
    It is the shelf that supports the shower stall without the upper support bar. Oblique MV is a patented and tested TÜV SÜD product. Elegant, with a design that strongly characterizes it, it can support a shower cubicle in complete autonomy, with or without door. Available in various finishes, including solid surface, pure white and brushed steel.

Oblique MV è funzionalità e design allo stesso tempo

Bathroom accessories for the shower

Shower accessories mainly consist of:


  • Shelf or hook supports for soap bars, bottles and sponges
  • Shower rail
  • Safety grab bars


The internal shelves and the hooks must be positioned firmly on the walls in such a way as to reduce the risk of accidental impact. Finally, the safety handles should be positioned not so much for aesthetics but for pure and simple practicality in the points in which it is believed to potentially need an immediate foothold in one’s hands. Many showers have one or more shelves integrated into the sliding rail, alternatively you can opt for corner shelves that help save space.


We suggest placing the shower shelves at eye level so you can quickly find what you need. In the case of bathroom accessories to be placed inside the shower, it is preferable that they are made of steel since they must be in contact with the water. The best steel is the one treated with products that avoid the formation of rust. Near the shower, the towel or bathrobe holder should be placed at a height of at least 150 cm to prevent them from touching the ground.

Up and down shower cabin

Sliding rail for matching shower enclosure


Accessories are among the protagonists in home bathroom furnishings. In recent years, bathroom accessories have been an ever-growing section of design. The bathroom is furnished trying to mix design with comfort and functionality in the best possible way. This aspect in the bathroom is essential because it is the relaxation room par excellence. From this point of view, the accessories and their position in the room have acquired great importance.

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