The secrets for a beauty routine in the shower

The secrets for a beauty routine in the shower

Taking a shower is an action that has now entered the daily routine of all of us. But have you ever considered implementing a real beauty routine in the shower? The advantages are different!


Sapevi inoltre, che dietro un gesto così banale come fare la doccia si nascondono delle insidie che possono rovinare la vostra pelle? Il ripetersi di azioni non corrette può avere conseguenze dannose. È necessario quindi modificare certe abitudini adottando pochi e semplici accorgimenti che fanno davvero la differenza.


In questo articolo Relax vi illustrerà come migliorare la vostra pelle sotto la doccia.

Do you know everything about the shower?

How often to shower?


The frequency of the shower depends on the type of activity. For a less active person, it is sufficient to use the shower enclosure 2/3 times a week. A sporty person can take 2 showers a day, aware that they must be short and soaping only where needed. Taking showers too often is bad because it dries out the skin. Showering every day is fine as long as you mostly use water. In fact, water is less harmful than soap.

Beauty routine in the shower: how to keep the skin hydrated?


If you take a shower often and want to prevent the skin from drying out and dehydrating, before taking a shower it is advisable to spread olive or almond oil on your body, natural products that help keep the skin more soft and supple.

What is the right water temperature for the shower?


The ideal temperature must be between 25 and 30 degrees. In case you want to take an invigorating shower and tone your muscles, you will have to use cold water with a temperature between 23 and 24 degrees. However, the cold shower is not recommended for those suffering from high blood pressure.


The hot water shower is recommended when the stress load is very high because it has positive effects on the nervous system. The water temperature must be between 31 and 36 degrees. This shower is not recommended for people with low blood pressure.

When to shower: in the morning or in the evening?


The best time is the one you prefer. In principle, there is no better time than another, but we can see what are the benefits of taking a shower in the morning or in the evening.


Taking a shower in the morning:


  • It is correct for those with oily skin. This eliminates the sebum that accumulates during the night.
  • Helps you wake up faster
  • Makes the skin brighter
  • It’s good for the heart
  • Enhance the person’s overall appearance


Shower at night:


  • It helps to rest better and fall asleep earlier
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • It is indicated for those who have excessive sweating

How long should a shower last?


You shouldn’t be in the shower for more than 5 minutes. The less time you stay there, the better. Long showers tend to dehydrate skin and hair.


Also, don’t overdo it with hot water. Hot water dries out skin’s moisture like nothing else, as well as stripping away necessary natural fats. Therefore, to maintain the correct hydration of the skin, the shower must be done with warm water.


NO too hard water!


If you live in an area with too hard water, you need to have a water filter inside your shower enclosure.

In this case, the water filter is not a luxury but the best way to protect your skin and hair.

Limestone-rich water contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium which, deposited on the skin and hair, cause dryness and irritation.

What are the best shower enclosures for a beauty routine?

Beauty routine in the shower: why prefer the shower to the sink?


We have always used the shower only to wash and moisturize ourselves, but why not use it to make it part of our daily beauty routine? The advantages that this can bring are many:


  • Important spaces. It is common that the sink in the bathroom is never large enough for all the cosmetic products we use.


  • Cleaning. Wide spaces and maximum comfort imply deep cleansing of face and body, in the same environment, a cure-all, right?

The benefits of a large walk-in shower


The keyword for well-being in the bathroom is: comfort. What can be more comfortable than a generously sized space? The benefits that a larger-than-standard shower can give are many, and they all depend on the great airiness of the rooms. We have selected for you two types of similar products, but with a completely different soul, they are both TÜV SÜD certified quality shower enclosures, but with different characteristics, let’s see them together:


  • Smart SC2. A generously sized shower enclosure, designed for two, but also easily usable by a single person. The large and generous spaces are ideal for allowing you to enjoy a very comfortable beauty routine.


  • Cover 2AC. A shower enclosure in a niche with a double sliding door. Dimensions are important, as are internal spaces. The most common solution foresees that more than one shelf can be positioned inside, allowing a greater support surface for all our cosmetic products.
large shower enclosure

Beauty routine in the shower: put away all your things


There is nothing more comfortable inside the shower compartment than being able to place shampoo and personal care products, sometimes bulky, with voluminous packages. A shelf, modular and combinable with other shelves, proves to be the ideal solution.


We created Oblique to allow you to place all the cosmetic products you want, combining design and practicality. It is a patented and recognized product (like many other Relax products, find more about our patents here) capable, by itself, of supporting a shower enclosure with glass up to 140 cm in length.

Sit down and take your time


Take a break and recharge. Take your time. Go ahead, take a hot shower and take care of yourself. Rest up and why not sit in the shower while you do your thing. Sometimes, to fully recharge your energies it is good to relax and stop, even more so in a moment of total relaxation such as taking a shower. Add a stool in your shower cubicle to give shape to your daily beauty routine in the shower. The Quadro stool takes care of you to provide a comfortable seat and, if necessary, becomes essential for placing all the cosmetic items you may need.

Hand towels


Preferring the shower to the sink for your beauty routine involves many conveniences. Among these, the possibility of having a towel directly at hand for any eventuality.


The pivoting door solves this problem by allowing us to have, directly upon exiting the shower, a towel ready (and if we want also warm) that we can grab on the fly. The Kubik collection solves this enigma, proposing a pivoting door 18 cm away from the wall, a considerable size, which allows you to easily install a towel holder. Seeing is believing!

Which cleansers to use in your beauty routine in the shower?


For themselves

It is advisable to use neutral PH or slightly alkaline detergents. The PH of the skin is around 5.5 therefore slightly acidic. The acid protective layer repels most bacteria. If we shower with an alkaline soap, the protective layer is weakened or even destroyed because the degree of acidity is no longer balanced. That’s why it’s good to use neutral or slightly acidic PH shower gels. Shower gels must not be perfumed or colored or foamed. It is advisable to use shower gels only for the most problematic areas. When taking a shower there is no need to always soap the whole body, it is enough to wash well: feet – armpits – bottom.


Hydrating after a shower is essential, dermatologists say, in fact, skin hydration cannot be missing, which must take place within a few minutes in order not to lose skin moisture and better trap hydration. It is an excellent beauty habit to leave the epidermis moist to facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients of skin beauty products.


For the shower enclosure

The shower enclosure doesn’t need all the attention we dedicate to our body, but some precautions are a must if we don’t want to risk irreparably ruining it.


Choose natural products for cleaning the shower cubicle. Emulsions of white vinegar, baking soda and lemon with a sponge can remove limescale completely. While, with solutions of denatured alcohol, white vinegar and water, glass and soap deposits can be cleaned.


In any case, a neutral detergent, if you don’t have the aforementioned elements available, can be a salvation, capable of cleaning all types of dirt without affecting the brilliance of glass and aluminum profiles with its PH.


The minutes we spend in the shower, according to Relax, are not just a simple way to provide for personal hygiene, but an important moment of well-being in which body and mind can completely relax and recover energy.

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