Cersaie 2022: latest trends

Cersaie 2022: latest trends
Cersaie 2022

The bathroom has become the place of design and beauty in which to take care of yourself and dedicate yourself to the well-being of body and mind. The latest trends at Cersaie 2022 are clear: the bathroom is taking on the appearance of a real spa. Let’s forget the bathroom as a service room, today it is a true place of well-being.

Home automation

Home automation has forcefully entered the bathroom. Wellness, in fact, is linked to digital tools and technology. Operating systems that can be controlled with a mobile phone are becoming more and more popular.


Music therapy, aromatherapy and chromotherapy are the masters in the shower or tub thanks to Bluetooth systems. They are easy to use and give so much well-being.

What will bathrooms be like in the future?

Shower enclosures

The walk-in is still an obvious trend. The success of this type of shower can be explained by the fact that the walk-in is ideal for those who want to share design and comfort. With the help of domotics they have been transformed into small spas, especially thanks to chromotherapy and aromatherapy. Music is another powerful stress reliever. It offers relief from stress and can give the right amount of relaxation. Also discover the walk-in shower enclosures by Relax, of design and certified quality TÜV SÜD, completely Made in Italy.

Home automation, chromotherapy and aromatherapy create a perfect mix for the shower enclosure

Cersaie 2022: the hot tub is one of the latest trends

Among the latest trends at Cersaie 2022, the whirlpool tub, the wellness tool par excellence, is the protagonist.

Beyond their aesthetic qualities, the current whirlpool tubs are characterized by continuous innovations from a technical point of view. The tubs are now perfect for ensuring maximum well-being for the body.

Whirlpool tub, the ultimate in well-being

Traditional bathtubs

The freestanding bathtubs with floor taps are constantly innovating. The ultra-modern bathtubs update the idea of the tub and combine aesthetics and practicality. They are in fact designed according to the standards of current ergonomics to offer maximum comfort.


They are made with the latest generation materials which have anti-slip and anti-wear characteristics capable of preventing the development of bacteria and can be cleaned very easily. They are compact tubs with high edges and welcoming volumes designed to give the body a lot of well-being.

Traditional bathtub, aesthetics and practicality

Cersaie 2022: the latest bathroom furniture trends

The bathroom furniture that characterizes Cersaie 2022 has simple and elegant shapes that take into account the renewed need for space, an element that has become a fundamental requirement in the bathroom environment.


Current bathroom furniture has a great aesthetic impact. They have clearly been designed for a decisive optimization of spaces by skilfully harmonizing functionality and design. Among the latest trends at Cersaie 2022 we have  furniture that winks at sustainability with extensive use of materials such as: wood – stone – marble.


The search for well-being for users is also evident in the bathroom furniture which incorporates many of the most useful elements for daily personal care

Bathroom furniture, timeless elegance

Sanitary ware and washbasins

Bathroom trends highlight increasingly compact sanitary ware, characterized by an elegant design. Another trend that has been dominating for some time and which continues to prove itself is the pair of wall-hung sanitary ware.



But it is the style that dominates among the bathroom fixtures:


Suspended toilets and bidets have become real design objects. We find solutions in a classic style revisited in a more current key: the so-called vintage and more modern solutions for minimalist or industrial-style bathrooms. The dominance of wall-hung sanitary ware is justified by the fact that they are much more functional than traditional ones. Once again the theme: cleaning – time – effort, pushes towards this type of sanitary ware which is much more hygienic since it has no support areas on the floor, making bathroom cleaning operations much easier and faster.



The trend of modern bathroom fixtures rhymes with colours. So why limit yourself to anonymous white washbasins – bidets – vases? Space for colors that recall nature. Countertop washbasins in particularly elegant shapes, especially rectangular or squared, are trendy.

Cersaie 2022, space for colours

Cersaie 2022: Faucets and shower mixers dominate the latest trends

Depending on the type of bathroom, we can identify 2 main trends:



1) The contemporary style

2) The vintage style



The offer of classic mixers has become wider and more articulated. For a vintage bathroom, classic mixers are offered with cross knobs and with a very sinuous, extremely elegant structure. The shower mixers with white ceramic levers are very trendy. Precisely in relation to this new taste great interest in finishes such as copper, bronze and gold has returned. The designer faucets have completely different lines. The stylistic imprint is to be found in the linearity of the forms and in the simplicity and essentiality.



With regard to contemporary faucets, one of the latest trends from Cersaie 2022, the most evident, as if to counterbalance the grayness of the period we are living in, is color. Space then for many variants of colored taps. The fashion shades are neutral from cream to sand through all shades of gray.

Taps and mixers, large choice of finishes


The trendy bathroom is the perfect synthesis of elegance and functionality. The bathroom must be furnished with style and refinement. Coverings must be of great visual effect. Functionality is evident in the success of the large-format tiles, one of the latest great innovations at Cersaie 2022. This choice makes it possible to create continuous surfaces, with joints reduced to a minimum.



The aim is to have an easy to clean floor. The elegance of the large format marries continuity with the shower tray and also with the mosaic for the walls of the cubicle. Mosaic coverings are enjoying great success, especially those that reflect Mediterranean or geometric signs.



Thanks to the mosaic you can create plays of light with colours, for example inspired by the sea. The trend of the so-called terrazzo or grit style has consolidated which combines: marble – quartz – glass – concrete and which evokes the beauty of the old noble palaces.



The trend of glossy black tiles continues, giving brightness to the bathroom and making it luxurious.



Black is used in the large-format stoneware tiles and in the tiles and classic cement tiles with black geometric motifs on a white background. Authentic parquet is very topical, especially with worked surfaces that emphasize the materiality of the covering.

Coatings, great visual effect

Cersaie 2022: wallpaper is one of the latest trends

Wallpaper thanks to new materials such as vinyl, fiberglass and non-woven fabric is finding more and more space in the bathroom. In fact, they are waterproof wallpapers capable of resisting humidity.


You can choose between wallpapers with geometric patterns or compositions inspired by nature and flowers. The most current colors range from shades of blue and green but for those who want to be daring there is fuchsia.

Wallpaper, is waterproof the future?


The colors of the walls will no longer be the undisputed domain of white because the trend is to use colorful and cheerful colors.

Cersaie 2022: conclusions on the latest trends

A stately type of bathroom is establishing itself. An elegant but well-organized environment where wellness is increasingly central and customizations assume priority importance.

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