Minimal shower enclosure, less is more

Minimal shower enclosure, less is more
Minimal kubik shower enclosure with black profiles

When the German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe coined this mantra for architects and designers, the defined foundations of today’s minimalism were outlined and defined.

Literally “less is more”, clearly indicates the orientation of this architectural trend towards the reduction of the superfluous and a greater propensity towards simplicity and functionality. It is in a minimal shower enclosure that all the qualities that characterize it are highlighted, all the features that make its essence shine through. It is in an environment that knows how to enhance the latter that not only the intrinsic beauty it brings with it emerges, but also the reliability of a product created with mastery in every single part.

Kubik, sophisticated design and solutions

What catches the eye when talking about Kubik is undoubtedly the particular pivot door of this minimal shower enclosure, which allows you to use the surrounding walls efficiently. Furthermore, the absence of an exposed support bar gives the glass an unparalleled vertical linearity.

Light shower enclosure with polished profiles and transparent glass

Bobox, when shapes and materials meet

Bobox is purity of forms, minimalism, uniqueness. The radius that distinguishes it is a symbol and pride of the best artisan hands in the country. Obtained through a long process in which the glass is heated to prohibitive temperatures, it is then left on a special mold, which outlines and emphasizes the sweet shapes. Selected by ADI Index as the excellence of Italian design, it also stands out for the technicalities that have made it a functional product. The radius, in fact, is not just an aesthetic element, but it helps to collect the outgoing water. Among other things, Bobox is defined as a “modular” product because it can be completed with the door even later.

Rayon bobox shower enclosure with glass detail

Light, a bath of light

Among the shower enclosures that most represent the concept of “less is more”, Light is present as a minimal shower enclosure. The Light series, as the name highlights, takes up the concepts of material and visual lightness typical of architectural minimalism, taking them to a completely new level. The lightness, in fact, given by the 6 mm of the glass, is amplified by the absence of profiles.

Light shower enclosure with polished profiles and transparent glass

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