X.Utility: the advantages of a CPQ software

X.Utility: the advantages of a CPQ software
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X.Utility is Relax’s new CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software. A solution, that of CPQ software, which helps companies automate the process of configuring, quoting and generating estimates for their products or services. Find out with us what it is.

CPQ Software: What is it?

CPQ software is a solution that offers customization and automation of the sales process through the Configure, Price and Quote phases. In the first phase, that of configuration, thanks to the information entered by each customer, the software allows you to generate offers that can meet their specific needs. In the price calculation phase, an automatic and always updated process allows a quick and practical identification of the price of each item. Finally, the last phase, that of generating the estimate, allows for quick and error-free communication of the quotation made previously.

Illustration CPQ Software X-Utility

What is CPQ Software?

Product configuration

Setup is the first stage of the sales process when using CPQ software. A moment in which the software proves to be able to offer the customer different types of products, each designed and proposed according to their specific needs. This translates into effective and targeted configurations, which take the customer’s request as their initial input in order to satisfy the request received in the best possible way. This phase, which becomes fundamental for the seller, as it allows optimizing times, reducing the risk of error to a minimum.


The second phase consists in determining the price, which is essential for the continuation of the sales process. The determination of the price with a paper list involves very long times and procedures, with significant possibilities of error. The practicality of a CPQ software is that of being able to calculate prices with absolute precision, with daily and always truthful updates, taking into account promotions, price list updates and quotation adjustments. Price management in this way is therefore effective in everyday situations where speed and precision are essential.

Preparation of the price quotation

The last phase of the process with CPQ software involves the creation of the price quotation, based on the configuration and its subsequent quotation with relative price. Among the peculiarities of a software with these characteristics, there is that of being able to provide, even retrospectively, a vision as complete as possible of the order placed and an always updated history.

Illustration Three Step CPQ Software X-Utility

A process that consists of 3 distinct phases.

X.Utility, CPQ software: how does it work?

X.Utility is the new Relax software that encompasses the three phases of a CPQ program: including configuration, pricing and preparation of estimates. The ease of use and precision of execution make X.Utility the perfect tool for the promotion and sale of Relax products.


Through the area reserved for resellers it is possible to access them very easily: just click on one of the icons that direct us to the utility tools, from the product configurator (now also including a shopping cart for placing orders) to the tracking panel or statistics. Many solutions, all in a single product.

X-Utility how to access

How to access X-Utility.

X.Utility, CPQ software: what are the benefits?

What are the benefits of using CPQ software like X.Utility? The ease of execution and creation of estimates make X-Utility the ideal tool for selling a Relax product. Thanks to the guided tour, ordering a shower enclosure (certified TÜV SÜD) or an accessory in the catalog will be quick and easy. Among the peculiarities of X.Utility there is also that of being able to offer personalized and made-to-measure products, all by always attributing the correct price quotations (even for made-to-measure products!). A path, that of the product, which can be closely followed in all its phases: by configuring the article, following its tracking and subsequently reading its sales statistics.

X-Utility software CPQ 3 visualization 3 phases

Three different features, same application.

Register now to use it!

If you are wondering how to access X.Utility, the new CPQ software, we are here to guide you step-by-step. You can access it directly from the reserved area on our website. If you are already one of our resellers, just follow the instructions to formulate a new password, by entering only the email address to which our order confirmations are sent on the login screen. If you are not yet one of our dealers, contact us at info@relaxsrl.com to find out how to enter the Relax world.

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