Box doccia con anta saloon in nicchia

Shower enclosure with saloon door

Selection guide Shower enclosure with saloon door
Box doccia con anta saloon in nicchia

The walk-in shower with two saloon doors allows a 180º opening of both, both outwards and inwards. In the latter way they do not clutter at all the room.

Characteristics of the saloon door

As its name implies, this shower cabin is characterized by two independent doors that open both inwards and outwards, like the doors of the public space seen in countless western films.

Their use is very much in demand when the bathroom environment is small. The saloon door is in fact a space-saving solution since it opens almost for all its nominal size and thus maximizes the input area. Normally, saloon doors are available with 4 or 6 mm thick glass.

Types of shower enclosure with saloon door

Shower enclosure with frame

The shower cabin with frame and ante saloon is mounted in niche, angular or 3 sides. It is equipped with hinges that all work outside, at the same frame, or can resort to the pins, the latter option that allows you to position the radiator or the door-Wipes in the wall without the glass from the open door slamming in and breaking or ruining. The hinges mounted on the frame are the most used solution because the frame gives strength to the shower cabin and, at the bottom, the profile acts as an excellent barrier to water leakage. As part of the quality tests made by Relax, the shower cabins with frame with ease overcome those for water tightness.

Shower enclosure without frame

The walk-in shower without frame and saloon doors, used in niche or corner, meets those who find the aesthetics of the walk-in shower with saloon doors penalized by the presence of two glass panels. The frameless version makes the shower enclosure less heavy to the eye. In this case, the hinges are mounted directly to the wall and the water seal is guaranteed by the seals mounted at the bottom. To prevent premature wear and tear by sliding into the minimal lower dam profile or shower tray, if the latter is flush-mounted, the hinges are equipped with the lift-up system. This system also guarantees more the alignment of the doors and therefore the water tightness.

Advantages of the saloon door

Mounted on a vertical profile that allows you to rotate to 180° years on itself, it is very easy to use because you just need a push and it opens completely outside or inside. In the first case, it facilitates cleaning activities, while in the second it simplifies dripping in the shower compartment instead of on the floor and, in the case of little outdoor space, solves the opening. For this reason it is considered an excellent solution as a space-saving shower cabin for small bathrooms. Easy and immediate access to the shower enclosure is practical for people with mobility difficulties.

When to avoid the saloon door

If the space outside the shower enclosure is limited or occupied by other furniture, the opening of the saloon door can only take place inwards and therefore cleaning will be made more difficult. When the doors are open to the outside it is inevitable to drip on the floor. It is to be avoided as a choice when the depth of the shower enclosure is less than 70/80 cm, even more so if the shower head is placed in front of the entrance of the shower enclosure and therefore would become an obstacle.