Box doccia dallo stile moderno in palestra

Modern style

A bathroom with a modern style is a certainty over the years: just a few touches will be enough to review it when you want and always have an environment in step with the times. Here we give you some tips on how to set up a modern bathroom class.

Modern style is rooted in the concepts of agility and practicality.

A modern bathroom is forever because its delicate tones find space in every situation, and the minimal arrangement of the elements allows you to furnish with intelligence. Among the many shower solutions, a walk-in like Bobox A manages to be modern and functional to the right point.

Layout of spaces and space-saving solutions.

If practicality is one of the key points of a modern bathroom, avoid wasting precious inches becomes a priority. Space-saving solutions such as bathroom furniture with multiple shelves and sliding shower cabins are preferable where the size of the room is contained.

Touches of minimalism and shades of grey for the modern bathroom.

A modern environment is also a minimal environment, which knows how to reinterpret needs and needs, reducing space to a minimum, with style. Among the most popular colour palette, the grey scale, embellished with shiny and chrome details, has an effect of timeless class.

The colour? Reserved for details for modern style.

Do you like more lively and colourful situations? If you want to maintain a modern evergreen style it enhances a niche with a wallpaper with warm tones. The resulting shower environment can become a masterpiece.

Harmony of round and linear shapes.

There is no modern style that is respected without the skilful fusion of lines and shapes. The latter create always different compositions, where roundness and linearity blend in total harmony.