New Cupro C & Cupro L shower trays

New Cupro C & Cupro L shower trays
Cupro C shower tray with waste on the short side

Choosing the right shower tray can make all the difference in the functionality and appearance of our shower space. Let’s discover together the novelties of the new one collection of Cupro shower trays, completely Made in Italy.

What is cupro?

A soft and gentle fabric like silk, obtained from the filaments that surround the cotton plant. It’s cupro. Thanks to its characteristic sheen, cupro is smooth and delicate. This is why this fiber has become increasingly popular for creating a wide range of clothing items, thanks to the softness and the pleasant sensation it can give on the skin. Its main features include unrivaled wear resistance and durability over time.


The cupro, soft and delicate as silk.

Cupro, shower trays with same material drain covers

Cupro C and Cupro L are made entirely in Italy, with a high quality material that combines resins and minerals with a protective surface layer of gel coat, anti-slip and antibacterial. The selected materials are resistant, solid and long-lasting: in fact, they guarantee high resistance to deformation and ease of cleaning. Let’s see the features together:


  • Height 3.0 cm
  • Mineral resins and gel-coats
  • With dedicated drain cover
  • Can be cut on site
  • Recoverable
  • Downloaded below with ribs
  • Available in standard and custom sizes
New cupro c shower tray with dedicated drain

Dedicated cupro C drain cover.

Unmatched versatility for the new shower trays

The shower trays Cupro C and Cupro L present, in addition to a dedicated drain made of the same material as the shower tray, also a remarkable versatility, why? Being specular, with the only difference of having the waste respectively on the short side (for Cupro C) and on the long side (for Cupro L), the two shower trays can be easily inserted into any project, giving maximum freedom organization to those who have the task of imagining the bathroom in its entirety. The interplay of spaces will therefore be simpler and more permissive, with an eye to the comfort of those who use it.

Cupro L above floor

Cupro L, above the floor.

Texture da togliere il fiato

We were inspired by cupro not only for the name of this collection of shower trays, but also for some of the fundamental characteristics that distinguish it. A soft and delicate fabric, which envelops and gives a feeling of freshness with its shiny coat. Our Cupro retraces all the salient features of the homonymous fabric, with the particularity of having a texture looking like concrete, which gives those who use it greater reliability and safety in terms of slipping. All while remaining soft and delicate on the skin.

Cupro shower tray texture

Cement-like texture, soft and gentle on the skin.

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Discover the new shower trays Cupro C e Cupro L

Discover Cupro C and Cupro L on the pages dedicated to them directly on our website. You will find a lot of useful information and insights. You can also download technical data sheets and assembly instructions, by accessing directly the download page!

Download area for the new Relax shower trays

Download area.

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We have already made Cupro C and Cupro L available to buy, discover them in the reserved area and order them with the configurator.

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