Versatile shower enclosure: Light S1

Versatile shower enclosure: Light S1
Light S1 shower enclosure with folding door without profiles in niche

Light S1 is a new entry in the Light collection. The versatile shower enclosure was born where glass transparency and practicality meet; giving life to simple solutions to live and beautiful to leave you breathless. Find out more👇🏻

Light: the lightness of light

The Light collection stands out not only for the variety of openings and therefore for applications, but above all for the infinite possibilities that a versatile shower enclosure without profiles can give. A collection of shower enclosures that emphasizes the transparency of the glass becomes the co-protagonist of the bathroom. All this, allowing us to indulge ourselves, using ceramics and wall decorations worthy of an art museum. Among the enormous advantages of a shower enclosure without profiles there is undoubtedly the sense of airiness and breadth of the surfaces that pervades the room. With plays of light and transparency, Light is the collection of shower enclosures that makes light its best ally, to give even a small size bathroom a whole new dimension.

Light S1 Relax hinge

The new, revisited, Light hinge

Versatile shower enclosure: folding door as the ideal solution

The real strength of a particular collection like Light is that it is a versatile shower enclosure from all points of view. Based on the need in terms of space, Light can be the ideal product for any type of bathroom, with always different openings. In particular, the shower with folding door offers comfortable entry and exit space. Thanks to the possibility of folding back on itself, the folding door allows easy entry and exit from the shower enclosure, especially for small niches. Light S1, however, it turns out to be one of the most popular products because it does not have an upper track (typical of folding doors), this implies greater freedom of movement and easier cleaning than the folding doors on a track (as in the example below). All Relax folding doors are tested by the European TÜV SÜD.

Sliding folding door shower enclosure

Folding door sliding on a track

Versatile shower enclosure: depth of monochromatic finishes

The bathroom, as a functional room, has stood out over the years for its bold combinations of materials and colours. An opportunity that planners and designers have not let slip. With 4 different aluminum finishes,Light S1 it becomes a versatile shower enclosure also in terms of color and explores all the possibilities that a monochromatic palette can give. With simple but never trivial combinations, the different finishes are a considerable help to those who are preparing to design the bathroom in all its variants. Among the concrete advantages of having such a deep chromatic range in shades of gray, there is the possibility of always having punctual combinations with respect to the taps that decorate the rest of the room.

Colored aluminum profiles

4 different aluminum profiles

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