Rustic style

How to make your bathroom in rustic style? There are some aspects to take care of because the room immediately acquires that cozy and warm taste that you like so much. Read our tips and if you want to learn more, contact us.

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Rustic: refined balance between modernity and tradition.

The rustic style favours the substance, with natural materials proposed in their simplicity and beauty. Sometimes, we can find some elements of contemporary taste, which thus stand out uncontested in the surrounding environment.

Warm wood tones and neutral colours for the rustic style.

It is a trend that very willingly mixes the warm tones of wood, embellished by the grain of the latter, with neutral colours such as white or cream colours. The combination of the elements creates a harmonious and welcoming environment, suitable for any type of home.

Combination of effect: wood and rough stone.

Wood is the undisputed king of the rustic style. The combination, winning, with the whiteness of the raw stone (as in this case of the sink) enhances the bathroom. To enhance this combination to the best, choose a shower cabin that lets you shine through every single detail, such as Cover B1 by Relax.

Rustic style for the bathroom of the house in the mountains.

Among the many environments in which the rustic style is at ease, we find the mountain house, which has always winked at the compositions with wood and natural stones. Here the alternation between light and dark colours decorates the surfaces with an elegant essentiality.

An important shower enclosure for the rustic bathroom.

There are times when the shower can carve out an important space inside the bathroom. The personality of a shower enclosure with pronounced profiles can then be the fulcrum of the room, combined with sanitary and decorative elements, such as carpets or windows.