Cabina doccia su misura con muretto a centro stanza e vetro sagomato

Custom shower enclosure

Selection guide Custom shower enclosure
Cabina doccia su misura con muretto a centro stanza e vetro sagomato

The manufacturers of shower enclosures also offer tailor-made service, as a rule. Certainly it does the internal technical office of Relax, which takes care of this guide to the choice of the shower.

Custom shower enclosure

Relax is specialized in the tailor-made shower enclosure. It can also be made to the millimeter. It is in fact quite common the need to vary the size of the standard shower cabins compared to what is provided by the proposals in the catalogue. This is because the bathrooms are the result of existing adaptations or, to optimize the spaces, the shower must follow the choices of furniture made, such as the arrangement of the bathroom fixtures, furniture or washing machine and dryer. In these cases, it may be necessary to require a shower enclosure with custom depth or width, usually easy to obtain.

When you require a shower enclosure with height above standard it is essential to be advised by an expert on the correct height, especially if there is a hinged or sliding door. For both types, the weight of the glass weighs on the hinges or the bearings and over time, if the height has not been carefully considered – depending on the width of the door -, could lead to an incorrect opening of the doors, if not even to the breaking of the components. The walk-in solution, consisting of a single fixed glass panel is easier to treat: an 8 mm glass allows a height of up to 250 cm, while a 6 mm one at the maximum of 220 cm because, thinner and lighter, it flexes more and is less stable.

Custom shaped glass shower enclosure

Bespoke-shaped glass shower enclosures can be requested in a variety of situations. For all, it is essential to take exact measurements so as to avoid installation problems, as for the conformation of the glass there are no adjustment opportunities. In these cases, Relax recommends its qualified service centers.

Attic shower cabin

The classic attic shower cabin is shaped with a height tailored to meet the inclination of the roof. If it is a walk-in shower you have to find the right place to insert the horizontal support bar or use a solution with the shelf that gives stability. The corner shower enclosure in the attic involves the shaping of the fixed side with a very minimal hinged door or with hinges.

Sometimes double shaping is also required. In addition to having to follow the inclination of the roof, it may be necessary to also shape the vertical side for the presence of a wall structure (or even a seat). Relax guarantees the perfect success, but it is essential that the correct measurement is made.

Shower enclosure with bathtub screen

The shower enclosure behind a bathtub can shape a fixed side so that it can be placed above the edge of the bathtub, without any height limit, and can be fitted with two sliding doors that allow easy access. At the same time it guarantees the complete freedom of the bath with an optimization of the available spaces in the bathroom.

Shower enclosure above the wall

If you decide to insert, for necessity or for aesthetic reasons, a wall in the bathroom, the installation can also be done in this case by mounting a third side on the wall itself.

Shaped shower enclosure for seat

The large shower enclosure can be shaped to fit an internal seat. It is then necessary to shape the glass in the fixed part so that it follows precisely its dimensions to the millimeter. It will have to ensure water tightness.