Bobox A, designer walk-in shower enclosure

Bobox A is a walk-in shower characterized by the radius of the glass that makes the end rounded inwards. ADI award-winning and patented design.

bobox a box doccia walk-in ad angolo
Bobox A sostenuto da una barra di stabilizzazione
Dettaglio di raggiatura del vetro di Bobox A con vetro grigio europa


  • It can be supplied with an Oblique stabilizing shelf, with Popeye support showerhead or support bar
  • Equipped with wall profile without glass fixing screws
  • Equipped with a wall profile that can be embedded in the wall
  • Anti-limescale glass as standard
  • Reversible

Bobox A is a walk-in shower with an innovative design, awarded by ADI, the Association for Industrial Design. It is characterized by a rounded end that allows to contain water splashes and makes it easy to clean. Its shape is recognized and protected by an ornamental patent.

Dettaglio inserimento del vetro a pressione su profilo a muro
Vetro inserito a pressione su profilo a muro
Vetro nella parete vista dall'interno
Vetro inserito nella parete vista dall'esterno

The Research Department & Sviluppo di Relax has created an easy and quick fixing of the glass on the wall profile, by pressure and without screws. The support bar can be of two types: Popeye, which is also a showerhead, or the transverse stabilizer bar, which can be combined with the Byblos or Joy shower head.


The product is also available in the configuration with a third fixed side.
Shower enclosures and accessories are all produced in Italy, with certified quality.

  • Standard height 207 cm 
  • Dimensions from 90 cm to 140 cm 
  • Depth from 70 cm to 100 cm 
  • Glass thickness 8 mm 
  • Glass finishes Europe Grey Transparent 
  • Profile finishes White Black Bronze Cream Gold Grey Rose gold Satin silver Steel Taupe 
  • Opening type Walk-in 
  • Adjustment 2 cm 
  • Custom made Unavailable 

Possible configurations of the BOBOX collection