Axia SF + F, shower enclosure with visible sliding system

Axia SF + F is a corner shower enclosure with sliding door on an exposed system. It is also equipped with a lower quick release for easier cleaning.

axia sf+f box doccia ad anta scorrevole
profilo inferiore cabina doccia axia
sistema di scorrimento box doccia axia


  • Barrier profile with watertight gasket
  • Equipped with a wall profile without glass fixing screws
  • Equipped with a wall profile that can be embedded in the wall
  • Quick release system of the door to facilitate cleaning
  • Door for niche with magnetic closure
  • Equipped with adjustable eccentric bearings
  • Anti-limescale glass as standard
  • Equipped with soft-close (optional)

The SF + F configuration is a corner shower enclosure with sliding door and 8 mm tempered glass. The Axia collection is in fact characterized by the visible sliding system, with a track with reduced dimensions and chromed bearings with a minimal design. Axia SF + F can be supplied with an optional soft-close system that gently accompanies the door in the closing phase.

maniglia box doccia axia sf+f
dettaglio scorrimento box doccia axia sf+f
dettaglio cuscinetto di scorrimento box doccia axia relax

The insertion of the wall profile is of the pressure type, without fixing screws.
The lower sliding block has a release system that allows the door to be tilted, in order to have an easy-to-clean shower enclosure.

The product is also available in the configuration with a third fixed side.
Shower enclosures and accessories are all produced in Italy, with certified quality.

  • Standard height 200 cm 
  • Dimensions da 100 cm a 180 cm 
  • Depth from 70 cm to 100 cm 
  • Glass thickness 8 mm 
  • Glass finishes Bronze Europe Grey Transparent 
  • Screen printing Screen Printing Canneto Screen Printing Segmenti 
  • Profile finishes Black Polished Bronze Rose gold Steel 
  • Opening type Sliding door 
  • Adjustment 2 cm 
  • Custom made Available 

Possible configurations for the AXIA collection