Frequently asked questions about our products

Let’s know each other

Relax is a Venetian company founded in 2003. It operates in a 10000 sqm structure. The supply chain is exclusively Italian.

We supply solutions for your bathroom: shower enclosures, bath enclosures, bathtubs and accessories such as showerheads or brackets.

Know Before Buying

In the case of masonry niches, it is recommended to take the measurements at three points: at the height of 20 cm, 1 metre and about 180 cm from the shower tray, in order to check the wall plumbness. In the case of corner trays, it is necessary to take the external measurement of the shower tray, calculated between the fitted tiles and the external edge of the tray itself. We also suggest you communicate the width of the edge of the tray and the bend radius in the case of round trays. Any particular situation should also be reported: decorations in relief, shower trays with particular shapes, sizes of taps and fittings, uneven profiles etc.

To start the production of a tailor-made shower enclosure it is necessary to provide the following information: all the dimensions measured in cm, type of opening of the door, finishes of the profiles requested, finish of the glass desired.

It is always better to take the measurements once the shower tray has been installed and always after the tiles have been fitted. Otherwise, it is necessary to know in advance the width of the tiles + glue, the recess of the shower tray and any unevenness of the walls.

The third fixed side is the side of the shower enclosure (made of glass) which allows for the installation in the middle of the wall rather than in the corner between two walls. We have specified which shower enclosures can mount it in their descriptions.

The glass of different models of shower enclosures is equipped as standard with anti-limescale treatment. The treatment consists in the application of a nanotechnological product which helps the water molecules slip on the glass surface thus reducing limestone stagnation and accumulation on the shower walls.

This term is used to identify two types of shower enclosures. The tailor-made shower enclosures. They are made according to a drawing and special measures different from the standards present on the market. Special shower enclosures are also designed for non-traditional functions and environments such as: shower enclosures for disabled people and shower enclosures in groups for sports communities.

To know before installation

For an adequate installation we recommend you to contact the Point of Sale where you have purchased the products or a Relax-affiliated service centre close to you among those you can find at this link.

Yes, they are. Every model is equipped with the right number of screws and plugs which are suitable for fixing in the presence of masonry walls with solid or perforated bricks. If fixing has to be done on different materials (metal, plasterboard, vanishing door frames or others) it is necessary to get suitable plugs and screws.

We recommend to use a neutral transparent polymer-based silicone sealant on the outside of the shower enclosure. We remind you that for an adequate silicone adhesion it is advisable to have dry application surfaces and not to move the parts which can be opened for at least 24 hours.

After-sales and spare parts

For technical questions or problems with the installation, Relax is at your disposal on the phone number 0421 1765124 and on the e-mail address e-mail assistenza@relaxsrl.com. Moreover, the company employs a dense service network, widespread throughout the country, available at this link. All the technicians attend periodic training courses and the most qualified ones take the measurements and carry out standard and special installations and extraordinary maintenance.

To purchase and install spare parts, we recommend you to contact the service centre closest to you among those you can find at this link.

Certifications and guarantees

All Relax products are under a 24-month warranty from the date of purchase upon request to your retailer. For greater speed we suggest you transmit also the pictures of the alleged non-conformities of the product. The conventional warranty does not cover the following cases: non-professional installation, that is partially or totally not complying with the procedure indicated in the instructions; flaws deriving from poor maintenance and/or cleaning; flaws or non-conformities of the Relax product to which additions, changes, repairs or replacements have been made without the authorisation from the manufacturing company or made by unauthorised parties; breaking of the tempered glass; wear of the components subject to it such as: bearings, gaskets, magnets, knobs, dams and guiding elements. The shower enclosures which look damaged on receipt must not be installed, or the warranty will become null and void.

Yes, all the shower enclosures by Relax S.r.l. comply with EN14428 and they are provided with quality brand CE and certification TUV. This document certifies the following features. Fatigue resistance: all the doors exceed 20000 cycles of opening and closing. Stability: the shower wall resists to the impact of a blunt object, when simulating the fall of a person inside the shower enclosure (UNI EN14428). Water retention: water spray tightness with regular use of the shower enclosure (UNI EN 14428). Materials: all the materials used have passed the test of cleanliness, durability and fragmentation.

Cleaning and maintenance

Always wipe the shower enclosure after use; this simple operation will prevent the formation of limestone stains. To clean use liquid detergents and water, with a soft cloth or sponge. Avoid creamy or abrasive products. Do not clean the aluminium parts with aggressive products. Avoid bleach, alcohol, acetone, solvents or products with strong acidity. In the case of glass treated with anti-limescale, cleaning is easier:  a cloth and natural products will be ideal. Always avoid to use too aggressive products containing silicone as they undo the effects of the anti-limescale treatment. DO NOT use creamy or abrasive products. DO NOT use bleach, alcohol, acetone, different solvents or products with strong acidity. DO NOT use products containing silicone.

We always recommend to wipe the glass with a squeegee after using the shower enclosure. If some limestone has formed, you can try and remove it using vinegar, preferably warm, or a solution of water and lemon; wait a few minutes so that the product can act, then remove it with a soft cloth by exerting a good pressure and finally rinse. It could be necessary to repeat the operation some times. We recommend not to use aggressive products as they could damage the finish of the aluminium profiles.