Shower enclosure for the disabled or elderly

Selection guide Shower enclosure for the disabled or elderly

The shower cabins for disabled and elderly are designed specifically for their needs so as to facilitate movements given the limited mobility possibilities.

Disabled and elderly in the shower: attention

Shower cabins for the disabled or elderly have features designed to solve the problems of people with reduced mobility because traditional boxes can become an obstacle for a person who must enter with a wheelchair and/or be helped during the shower. They, therefore, require a careful assessment of:

  • the dimensions, in particular, those of the entrance
  • accessories, for example, the presence of internal stools to shower while sitting
  • the most suitable doors
  • shower trays and their possible entrance step

Making an inclusive bathroom allows anyone to use the room. A shower enclosure with an inclusive design is safe, with flush floor plates, so as to eliminate unevenness, and safety crystals.

Best Shower Enclosure Doors for Elderly or Disabled

Double door

The most used door is divided into two horizontally. This allows the person inside the shower enclosure, sitting on a stool or in a wheelchair, to close the glass in the lower part, but to open the upper one so as to be helped comfortably by someone who remains outside, without the water coming out. The handle can act as a stop: if not activated allows the splitting of the door, if activated joins the two parts in a single vertical and opens the glass in its entirety.

Hinged door

The hinged door opens almost completely so it guarantees the best accessibility. For example, if there is a door of 90 cm, the useful space is 81 cm. If you prefer the two hinged doors you need at least a space of 80×80 cm.

Folding door

If there are small spaces, a corner shower enclosure up to 70×70 cm with two bellows doors can be chosen, which can also fully fold against the walls of the wall when the cabin is not used.

Best Shower Enclosures for Elderly or Disabled

Walk-in flush floor

When the bathroom allows a large shower space, a very popular solution is the walk-in floor flush, ideal for people with limited mobility self-sufficient because the entrance is always open and takes place smoothly.

Low corner cabin

The shower cabin for the elderly and disabled with double doors, also called low cabin, fitted at an angle gives the advantage that the entrance space is all available because the hinge of the door is fixed to the wall.

Low cabin in niche

The shower cabin for the elderly and disabled with double doors in the niche has an entrance space almost all available. For example, if the niche is 90 cm, the entrance space is 82 cm. The standard solutions in the niche are a double door because they usually have dimensions up to 90 cm; for larger situations, it is possible to realize the closing with two doors doubled in line or to resort to the custom measure.