Puro SC2, shower enclosure without lower sliding profile

Puro SC2 is a niche shower enclosure with a double sliding door and minimal lower profile.

puro sc2 box doccia in nicchia con doppia anta scorrevole e profili brillantati
sgancio dell'anta inferiore box doccia puro sc2
dettaglio maniglie box doccia puro sc2


  • Absence of lower sliding profile
  • Cover for closing the sliding system
  • Upper frame supplied
  • Quick-release system of the doors to facilitate cleaning
  • Wall fixing profile with concealed screws
  • Door with magnetic closure
  • Equipped with adjustable eccentric bearings

Puro SC2 is a minimal shower enclosure with a linear aesthetic with an upper sliding system hidden by an aluminum casing for the double door. The lower dam profile is equipped with the door release system to facilitate cleaning of the glass.

dettaglio profilo al muro box doccia relax
profilo inferiore brillantato cabina doccia puro

The Puro collection is characterized by the presence of customizable aluminum profiles that create a sharp contrast with the transparency of the glass. He also obtained the European ornamental patent.

It is possible to order the custom-made shower enclosure with shaped glass, for attics and particular solutions.
The product is also available in the configuration with a fixed side at an angle.
Shower enclosures and accessories are all produced in Italy, with certified quality.

  • Standard height 200 cm 
  • Dimensions from 120 cm to 200 cm 
  • Depth Based on the niche 
  • Glass thickness 6 mm 
  • Glass finishes Bronze Europe Grey Satin Transparent 
  • Screen printing Screen Printing 08 Screen Printing Canneto Screen Printing Segmenti 
  • Profile finishes White Black Bronze Cream Gold Grey Steel Taupe 
  • Opening type Sliding door 
  • Adjustment 4 cm 
  • Custom made Available 

Possible configurations for the PURO collection