Axia SC1, shower enclosure with visible sliding system

Axia SC1 is a niche shower enclosure with sliding door on an exposed system that decorates the transparency of the glass.

axia sc1 cabina doccia in nicchia con apertura scorrevole senza profili
sgancio anta inferiore cabina doccia axia relax
sgancio anta inferiore box doccia axia relax


  • Barrier profile with watertight gasket
  • Equipped with a wall profile without glass fixing screws
  • Equipped with a wall profile that can be embedded in the wall
  • Quick release system of the door to facilitate cleaning
  • Door for niche with magnetic closure
  • Equipped with adjustable eccentric bearings
  • Anti-limescale glass as standard
  • Equipped with soft-close (optional)

The SC1 configuration is a niche shower enclosure with a sliding door and 8 mm tempered glass.


The Axia collection is characterized by its visible sliding system, with a small track size and chrome bearings with a minimal design. Axia CS1 can be supplied with an optional soft-close system that helps the door in the closing phase, accompanying it gently.

Pressure insertion of the wall profile without having to use screws.

The lower sliding block has a release system that allows to tilt the door, in order to have a shower easy to clean.

Shower enclosure and accessories are all produced in Italy with certified quality.

axia sc1 box doccia in nicchia sagomato sopra muretto su misura con apertura scorrevole senza profili
  • Standard height 200 cm 
  • Dimensions da 100 cm a 180 cm 
  • Depth Based on the niche 
  • Glass thickness 8 mm 
  • Glass finishes Bronze Europe Grey Transparent 
  • Screen printing Screen Printing Canneto Screen Printing Segmenti 
  • Profile finishes Black Polished Bronze Rose gold Steel 
  • Opening type Sliding door 
  • Adjustment 2 cm 
  • Custom made Available 

Possible configurations for the AXIA collection